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Conference Program

Scientific and Technical Program

The AHFE 2022 Conference will be held July 24-28, 2022 at the Sheraton Times Square in New York, USA.

The scientific program and technical sessions, subject to change! Half-Day tutorials at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, covering the entire spectrum of the conference. Tutorial will be offered on Sunday, July 24 and Monday, July 25, 2022. Technical Sessions will be held on Tuesday, July 26, Wednesday, July 27, and Thursday, July 28, 2022. Registered participants are encouraged to register and attend tutorials and all five conference days.

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Opening Session and Keynote Address: 17:00-18:30 (EDT), Monday July 25, 2022.
Conference Reception: 19:00-22:00 (EDT),  Monday July 25, 2022.

AHFE 2022 Keynote Address:

Title:  "Human-centered AI in the Augmented Age

Speaker: Dr. Michael van Lent, CEO and President of Soar Technology, Inc.

Bio: Dr. Michael van Lent is the CEO and President of Soar Technology, Inc. In this role he leads SoarTech in its mission to develop human-centered artificial intelligence solutions for the military’s toughest problems. He has 25+ years of experience in artificial intelligence research for the DoD and has led a wide range of research, development and commercialization efforts funded by DARPA, Navy, Army and Air Force RDT&E organizations. Dr. van Lent has published widely in academic journals and conferences and is a founding organizer of the AAAI Conference on AI and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE). He has contributed to the development of multiple military training applications and the commercial release of the Full Spectrum Warrior video game (Xbox, Windows). He previously worked the Naval Research Lab’s Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NCARAI), applying genetic algorithms to evolve AI pilot models for air combat, and as Associate Director for Games Research at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), applying explainable AI and game technology to develop immersive training applications. Dr. van Lent holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee, and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Williams College.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022    

8:00-9:30 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 1 Healthcare Information Systems:  Techniques and Documentation EHMD AHFE 1: Chelsea

Co-Chairs:  Helen Fuller and Galia Kondova, USA/Switzerland
Electronic product information for human medicines: A blockchain solution
  Galia Kondova, Switzerland

Tues July 26
Describing and disarming health information system snares that capture and conceal characters
  Tim Arnold, Helen Fuller, Angela Laurio, USA

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
How self-report affects digital health-related behavior change
  Yuan Yin, Yurong Yu, UK


Applying user interface profiles to ensure safe remote control within the open networked operating room in accordance with ISO IEEE 11073 SDC
  Okan Yilmaz, Armin Janß, Klaus Radermacher, Germany


Shared living providers (SLP) experience documentation burden while caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)
  Martina A. Clarke, Kathryn M. Cooper, Lisa L. Neitzke, USA


SESSION 2 Cultural Values: From Localization to Globalization CCDM AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs:  Atsuo Murata and Toshihisa Doi, Japan
Cross-cultural differences in thought and risk behavior – Implications for safety management
  Atsuo Murata, Toshihisa Doi, Japan

Tues July 26
Advertising and values: A study on cultural values manifested in advertising targeting the urban middle class in China
  Wenhua Li, Ziqi Ye, China

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
On localization design in transnational marketing - the example of Starbucks
  Ifumi Akasaka, Japan


A world of diverse opportunities – on the need for proactive career capital renewal in the globalizing society
  Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska, Poland


Approaches to extending game-theoretic analyses to complex, real-world scenarios
  William Neal Reilly, Leonard Eusebi, USA


Analysis on the preference intention and its influencing factors of standing passengers in subway carriages
  Ke Liu, Canqun He, Zhelong Hu, China


Design strategy based on consumers' cognition of Cantonese cultural product in the new era
  Xingyi Zhong, Taiwei Sun, China


Design thinking in public service innovation: The Singapore innovation lab as model
 Liying Huang, Peng Xu, Yichen Meng, China


SESSION 3 Plenary:  Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering CN AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Chair:  Hasan Ayaz, USA
Neurotechnology for neuroergonomics application
  Frederic Dehais, France

Tues July 26

8:00-9:30 (EDT)

SESSION 4 Design for Education ED AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Co-Chairs:   Shijun Ge and Qianqian Lin, China 
Construction of the educational model of vocational college students' career planning based on design thinking
  Qianqian Lin, Chenxi Wang, China

Tues July 26
Interdisciplinary curriculum design integrating design, technology, and business
  Ruowei Cao, Yuanbo Sun, Shijun Ge, Chenxi Wang, China

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Integrate design thinking into Chinese high school curriculum reform
  Shijun Ge, Yuanbo Sun,  Ruowei Cao, China


Online teaching platform of design thinking workshop
  Chenxi Wang, Yuanbo Sun, Qianqian Lin, Ruowei Cao, Yinan Che, China


Exploration and practice of progressive PBL in costume design course: The example engineering and design college of Hunan Normal University
  Zhengtang Tan, Ziqin Luo, Shuang Lin, China


SESSION 5 Instinct Engineering APD AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Co-Chairs:  Shuichi Fukuda and Keiichi Muramatsu, Japan
Towards establishing benefit society
  Shuichi Fukuda, Japan

Tues July 26
Effect of category ambiguity on response duration in discrimination task
  Yoshimasa Tawatsuji, Keiichi Muramatsu, Japan

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Analysis of an actors’ emotions and audience's impression of facial expression
Hiroko Shoji, Naoki Takahashi, Yuri Hamada, Japan


Emotional responses to motion sickness in autonomous driving
  Satoki Fujimoto, Kouyou Otsu, Tomoko Izumi, Japan


Emotional responses to motion sickness in autonomous driving: An emotional design perspective
  Rute Alexandra Silva, Iara Margolis, Isabel Lisboa, Eduarda Pereira, Bernardo Providência, Nelson Costa, Portugal


The smell of the scene - mapping the digital smell of scenes around Beijing
  Xiaotian Sun, China


An investigation of user perceptions of anthropomorphic linguistic expressions in guidance from home appliances
  Kouyou Otsu, Tomoko Izumi, Japan


Self-sustaining society (SSS) for the next generation
  Shuichi Fukuda, Japan


SESSION 6 Artificial Intelligence, Health and Safety Management SMHF AHFE 6: Bowery

Co-Chairs:  Matilde Alexandra Rodrigues and Nuno Barbosa Rocha, Portugal
Validation of a video-based system to determine heart rate for stress monitoring
  Simão Ferreira, Nuno Rocha, Matilde Rodrigues, Portugal

Tues July 26
Work-related diseases as a challenge for institutionalised prevention in a changing world of work
  Marie Jelenko, Georg Effenberger, Austria

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Activity simulation in radiology: Chest x-ray in bed-ridden patients
  Florentino Serranheira, Kelly Fernandes, Cláudia Sá Dos Reis, Portugal


Adverse events in dental care:  A review towards notification
  Vanessa Torres, Filipa Carvalho, Portugal


Alone at work: Some elements on the relationship between need of communication and health at work
  Jacques Marc, France


What are the boundaries of stress monitoring technology acceptability?
  Simão Ferreira, Nuno Rocha, Matilde Rodrigues, Portugal


Technology and young adult visual acuity degradation symptoms
  Bankole K. Fasanya, Olukunle O. Akanbi, Nihaar Usu, Temilade R. Adeyeye, USA


SESSION 7 Cycling and Trucking Safety   RR AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Co-Chairs:  Susan Murray and Franz Lambrecht, USA/Germany
When cycling again - comparison of safety behaviors of between cyclists of shared bike, private bike and public bike in China
  Fan Zhou, China

Tues July 26
Use a bike-sharing and gain points: the factors influencing the bike-sharing choice during the use of a mobility-as-a-service (MAAS) application
  Eugénie Avril, Céline Lemercier, Amaël Arguel, Loïc Caroux, France

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Attitude vs. Infrastructure: Influences on the intention to overtake cyclists
  Anja Katharina Huemer, Friedrich Maximilian Strauß, Germany


SafeBike - a road safety program for young adolescent cyclists
  Franz Lambrecht, Carsten Sommer, Germany


Digitizing buttons: A comparison of digital input modalities to replace physical buttons in truck cockpits
  Lasse Schölkopf, Alicia Kneuper, Veronika Hutmann, Frank Diermeyer, Germany


Trucking industry’s electronic logging devices vs. human behavior
  Susan Murray, Clair Reynolds Kueny, Elizabeth Cudney, USA


SESSION 8 Ergonomics in Architecture I SUPI AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs:  Xia Wei and Zaira Tello, Poland/Italy
Sustainable design of commercial and residential complexes:  An example of Wantun community project
  Xia Wei, Wojciech Bonenberg, Mo Zhou, Jinzhong Wang, Poland

Tues July 26
Frontier analysis of resilience research in design ecology
  Xiaoxi Pan, China

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Design of university roof public space based on multi-dimensional emotional experience
  Huang Keke, Guo Yongyan, China


The effects of the San Gottardo Base Tunnel System on the transformation of cross-border land and its contribution to a more circular economy
  Zaira Tello, Italy


Building elements from totora stems joined with mechanical systems
 Juan Hidalgo-Cordero, Patricio Hidalgo-Castro, Alfredo Ordoñez, Boris Orellana-Alvear, Ecuador


Eisenman’s Conceptual-Generative Diagram: A creative interface between intention, randomness and imagination and space-form
  Ana Vasconcelos, Portugal


SESSION 9 User Experience Applications in Automotive Industry UUE AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs:  Paridhi Mathur and Yusen Zhu, USA/China
Tesla Model 3: Impact of vertical segmentation on visual search time
  Paridhi Mathur, Abbas Moallem, USA

Tues July 26
Methods to promote increased usage of voice interaction in a vehicle
  Karl Proctor, Lee Skrypchuk, Daniel Clifton, Mutlu Isik, UK

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
The influence of music on color preference in vehicle environment
  Yusen Zhu, Ao Jiang, Junbo Dong, Yeming Pang, Yuqing Liu, Jiacheng Liu, Xiang Yao, Stephen Westland, Caroline Hemingray, China


Design of electric bicycle for take-away delivery based on KANO model and TRIZ Theory
  Miao Liu, Yufeng Wu, China


External human-machine interface design for automated vehicles based on analytic hierarchy process
  Jing Yang, Wumin Ouyang, China

The effect of non-driving task takeover request message timing on novice drivers' driving trust
  Muyi Li, Ren-ke He, Yuan Yuchen, Chaomin Ma, China

SESSION 10 Human Factors on Security and Crises Management SYSI AHFE 10: Gramercy

Co-Chairs: Mário Simões-Marques and Francesca de Rosa, Portugal/Belgium
Decision-making in disaster operations - intuition vs intelligent system support
  Mario Simões-Marques, Isabel L. Nunes, Portugal

Tues July 26
Exploring trust in unmanned systems with the Maritime Unmanned System Trust Game
  Francesca de Rosa, Christopher Strode, Belgium

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Education as a maritime safety improvement factor
  Armindo Frias, Pedro Água, Mario Simões-Marques, Portugal


Ontologies for emergency management
  Anacleto Correia, Mario Simões-Marques, Pedro Água, Portugal


High reliability organizing, resiliency and safety culture
  Yalda Khashe, USA


Envisioning 21st century mixed-initiative operations for energy systems
  Roger Lew, Thomas Ulrich, Ronald Boring, USA


SESSION 11 COVID-19 and Education Technologies TELS AHFE 11: Madison Square

Co-Chairs: Lloyd Morris and Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Colombia/Ecuador
Student motivation in the teaching process during the COVID 19:  An experience of the international exchange for the learning of control charts
  Lloyd Morris, Dunia Duque, Olga Jasmin Salazar De Morris, Homero Murzi, Sandra Duran, Colombia

Tues July 26
Analysis of video conferencing platforms for online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic
  Omar Cóndor-Herrera, Janio Jadán-Guerrero, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Ecuador

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Bibliometric analysis of the existing literature on COVID-19 and its impact on higher education
  Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Nora Oleas, Carlos Ramos, Sonia Cueva, Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Ecuador


The transition from COVID-19 pandemic induced online learning to the future physical campus: Is the higher education ready?
  Paulina Kuforiji, John Kuforiji, USA


How the COVID-19 pandemic fueled educational innovation in higher education
  Cristian Londoño, Aide Naranjo, Ecuador


SESSION 12 Human Factors in Virtual Environments and Game Design I HFGD AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Co-Chairs:  Thomas Brett Talbot and Anton Nijholt, USA/Netherlands
Open medical gesture: An open-source experiment in naturalistic physical interactions for mixed and virtual reality simulations
  Thomas Brett Talbot, Chinmay Chinara, USA

Tues July 26
A pilot study for a more immersive virtual reality brain-computer interface
  José Rouillard, Hakim Si Mohammed, François Cabestaing, France

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Measuring human influential factors during VR gaming at home: Towards optimized per-user gaming experiences
  Marc Antoine Moinnereau, Tiago Henrique Falk, Alcyr Alves De Oliveira, Canada


Mobile cross reality (XR) space for remote collaboration
  Yusuke Kikuchi, Ryoto Kato, Vibol Yem, Yukie Nagai, Yasushi Ikei, Japan


Augmented reality: Beyond interaction     
  Anton Nijholt, Netherlands


Generation of walking sensation by providing upper limb motion
  Gaku Sueta, Ryoto Kato, Yusuke Kikuchi, Vibol Yem, Yasushi Ikei, Japan


Exploring the design of the sign system of NTUH through wayfinding behavior in virtual environment
  Ching Yuan Wang, Ching I. Chen, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan


Investigating user experience of lighting quality in office workstations: A combined approach utilizing virtual reality and physical workstations
  Roxana Jafarifiroozabadi, Piers Macnaughton, Alina Osnaga, USA

SESSION 13 Human Factors and Wearable Technologies I HFWT AHFE 13: Madison 1

Co-Chairs:  Suresh Sethi and Ying-Chia Huang, USA/Taiwan
Real-time breath pattern detection from helmet
  Yang Cai, Tomas Vancura, Haocheng Zheng, Lenny Weiss, USA

Tues July 26   Designing wearables devices to build emotional relationships
  Suresh Sethi, USA

8:00-9:30 (EDT)   University footballers’ preference for smart trousers
  Ying-Chia Huang, Wei-Hao Yang, Taiwan


  Using inertial measurement units (IMU) and comparative trajectory analysis for modeling micro-level human motion dysfunction
  Robert Gutierrez, Joe Hart, Laura Barnes, Mehdi Boukhechba, USA

    Actigraphy vs polysomnography measurements for sleep arousals
  J. Paige Little, Selina Ho, Lionel Rayward, Glenice Uhrle, Daniel Green, Mark Pearcy, Australia

    Automation of the collection and processing of physiological functions from wearable sensors
  Kristian Fodor, Zoltán Balogh, Slovakia


Affective computing for stress, anxiety and cybersickness detection in virtual reality
  Belmir Jose De Jesus Junior, Tiago Henrique Falk, Yuvika Dandiwal, Helen Alemu, Canada


SESSION 14 HSSE Welcome/Plenary HSSE AHFE 14: Madison 2
Co-Chairs:  Christine Leitner, Walter Ganz, Clara Bassano, Debra Satterfield, UK/Germany/Italy/USA
Tues July 26

8:00-9:30 (EDT)

SESSION 15 Design, Accessibility, and Integration for Aging  HFAS AHFE 15: Madison 3

Co-Chairs:  Shanshan Sun and Meng-Cong Zheng, China/Taiwan
Assessment of flower stand and the sensory experience in horticultural activities
  Meng-Cong Zheng, Chingi Chen, Iwen Yen, Taiwan

Tues July 26
Design research of elderly-oriented cultural and creative products based on user analysis
  Wei Ding, Shanshan Sun, China

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
The kitchen product design oriented to the motor capability of armless people
  Mengjiao Bai Bai, Xiaodong Gong, China 


Human Factors considerations in design for the elderly
  Ulugbek Ismatullaev, Alisher Saduakas, Kwanmyung Kim, South Korea


Reducing work-related stressors in the care of people with dementia through music intervention - What factors matter?
  Elisabeth Ibenthal, Claus Backhaus, Germany


Designing positive user experiences to encourage older adults’ self-care
  Ana Cristina Barbosa Medeiros, UK


Program for social and psychological rehabilitation of people with disabilities
  Oksana Kravchenko, Katherine Chupina, Oleksandr Safin, Andrii Bespalko, Kateryna Kravchenko, Evgeniy Balabushka, Serhii Vasyliev, Yuliya Chernetska, Oleksandr Klochok, Ukraine


Evaluation of local muscular load on the forearm in industry
  Ilona Kačerová, Marek Bureš, Jana Kleinová, Filip Rybnikár, Pavel Vránek, Czech Republic


Tuesday, July 26, 2022    

10:00-11:30 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 16 Kansei Engineering I KE AHFE 1: Chelsea
Chair:  Wonseok Yang, Japan
Tues July 26
Remote cheering system with voice in live streaming
  Mirai Takatama, Wonseok Yang, Japan 

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Learning to read music by differences in perception of information
  Misato Akiba, Wonseok Yang, Japan


The effect of the visual stimulus on during rest about online learning
  Ryusei Anzai, Wonseok Yang, Japan


Suggestions to make working in a sitting chair more comfortable
  Saeko Imura, Noriko Hashida, Ryuichi Yamazaki, Japan


Reflection on ideas through verbalisation and the use of the results
  Yuki Asano, Japan


Kansei evaluation of natto packages: Focusing on text mining and color analysis
  Toya Yahaba, Namgyu Kang, Japan


Evaluation of elements layout design of ink painting posters based on aesthetics model
  Xiangyu Ma, Chengqi Xue, China 


SESSION 17 Human Factors in Disease Control and COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention DCPP AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs:  Karine Berthelot Guiet and Juliette Charbonneaux, France
Cultural, recreational and tourist Cherkasy region under pandemic conditions
  Oksana Kravchenko, Marina Mishchenko, Viktoriia Isachenko, Inna Honchar, Yuliia Lysenko, Olena Polishchuk, Yuliia Pesotskaya, Ukraine

Tues July 26
Rare cancers and digital quest for authority during COVID 19 pandemic
  Karine Berthelot Guiet, Juliette Charbonneaux, France

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Challenges and associated mental stress during COVID-19 work adaptation among employees in Ireland
  Yanbing Chen, Carolyn Ingram, Vicky Downey, Mark Roe, Anne Drummond, Penpatra Sripaiboonkij, Claire Buckley, Elizabeth Alvarez, Carla Perrotta, Conor Buggy, Ireland


Interdisciplinary communication and advice under uncertainty in a pandemic
  Manfred Dangelmaier, Wilhelm Bauer, Zimu Chen, Germany


Lifestyle-related factors affecting physical inactivity issues among Filipino aging population during the COVID-19 pandemic: A multiple regression approach
  Joehanna Ngo, Yoshiki Kurata, Zyra Mae Sicat, Dannah Isabelle Buñas, Jaylord Gutierrez, Pamela Pangilinan, Pamela Ann Mae Pascual, Philippines


SESSION 18 Human Factors in Energy I ENERGY AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Chair:  Ron Boring, USA
A review of historical street lighting solutions
  Olaoluwa Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

Tues July 26
Progress on attempts to reduce energy consumption used for road illumination
  Olaoluwa Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Effect of COVID-19 on energy demand management and monitoring at key international airports in South Africa
  Purity Shandu, Daramy Vandi Von Kallon, South Africa


Avenues for utilization of agricultural wastes
  Omojola Awogbemi, Daramy Vandi Von Kallon, South Africa


SESSION 19 DHM Applications DHMAO AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Co-Chairs:  Sofia Scataglini and Sudhakar Rajulu, Belgium/USA
An automated skeleton extraction system using videos and convolutional neural networks
  Miri Weiss Cohen, Andrea Vitali, Daniele Regazzoni, Israel

Tues July 26
Three-dimensional scalp shape prediction from face and neck shapes
  Daniel Park, Matthew Reed, USA

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Demonstrating the value of 3D models to support large-scale digital modifications at nuclear power plants
  Jeremy Mohon, Casey Kovesdi, USA


A proactive ergonomics framework to assess A-Pillar vision obstruction
  H. Onan Demirel, Sriram Srinivasan, USA


Methodology based on 3D thermal scanner and AI integration to model thermal comfort and ergonomics
  Consuelo Latorre Sánchez, Juan Antonio Solves, Joaquín Sanchiz Navarro, Ricardo Bayona Salvador, Jose Laparra, Nicolás Palomares, Jose Solaz, Spain


Spacesuit and mobility performance changes
  K. Han Kim, Yaritza Hernandez, Sarah Jarvis, Jessica Knoblock, Nicholas Lopac, Hannah Weiss, Elizabeth Benson, Sudhakar Rajulu, USA


SESSION 20 Interaction Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Networking Vehicles I ED AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Co-Chairs:  Yichen Dong and Ge Li, China 
Modeling user requirements for driver-vehicle interaction system in China
  Yichen Dong, Sakura Akahoshi, Jieun Lee, Yuchi Saito, Makoto Itoh, Japan

Tues July 26
"How can I learn to use this car faster?": User education for intelligent connected car
  Ge Li, Yuanbo Sun, China

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Interactive design of car steering wheel touch screen interface based on Kano Model
  Ziqiang He, Dan Wang, China


From the driver's point of view of information reception: Building a design strategy for aiding interaction with novice drivers
  Ziwen Han, Ying Zhao, Hao Yang, Nan Fu,Yifan Han, China


Ease of use for interactive mode of intelligent connected vehicles: a case study of physical button and virtual interface
  Zihan Bi, Yuanbo Sun, Shuai Sun, Kaimin Guo, China


External HMI for automated vehicles: adding a communication perspective for all road users
  Ruolin Gao, Marieke Martens, Netherlands


Under the era of light health preservation:  The influence of college students' study pressure on their choice of regimen
  Yao Fang, Zhaolin Lu, Yang Xu, Mengying Gao, Tongtong Zhao, China


SESSION 21 Applications in Brain-Machine Interface and Human Robot Interaction ICEEP AHFE 6: Bowery

Co-Chairs:  Umer Asgher and Hasan Ayaz, Pakistan/USA
Building trust and safety correlates for autonomous systems using physiological, behavioral, and subjective measures
  Zohreh Zakeri, Azfar Khalid, Ahmet Omurtag, Greg Hilliard, Philip Breedon, UK

Tues July 26
Does acoustic feedback increase the accuracy of weight and force perception during fine motor activities?
  Jai Prakash Kushvah, Gerhard Rinkenauer, Germany

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Image classification for project-based learning to differentiate diagram and figures
  Asmara Safdar, Sara Ali, Muhammad Sajid, Umer Asgher, Yasar Ayaz, Pakistan


Pupil dilation variation as an indicator of arousal regulation: Towards understanding operator functional state
  Brittany N. Neilson, Shannon P. Devlin, Sabrina M. Drollinger, Noelle L. Brown, Cíara Sibley, Cyrus K. Foroughi, Joseph T. Coyne, USA


Novel approach for sensing the humanoid hand finger position using non-contact TMR sensor
  Saeed Iqbal, Shahid Nawaz Khan, Muhammad Sajid, Sara Ali, Fahad Iqbal Khawaja, Yasar Ayaz, Pakistan


A chain-driven live roller mechanism for loading and unloading packages on autonomous mobile robots in warehouses
  Muhammad Ammar, Muhammad Moeed Ahmed, Muhammad Abdullah Younas, Khezar Qayyum, Fahad Iqbal Khawaja, Umer Asgher, Sara Ali, Yasar Ayaz, Pakistan


Personality prediction in human-robot-interaction (HRI)
  Anum Jaffer, Sara Ali, Fahad Iqbal Khawaja, Yasar Ayaz, Muhammad Sajid, Pakistan


SESSION 22 Advances in Maritime Education and Training MAR AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Co-Chairs: Charlott Sellberg and Gesa Praetorius, Sweden
On the road to autonomous maritime transport: A conceptual framework to meet training needs for future ship operations
Gholam Reza Emad, Saratkumar Narayanan, Aditi Kataria, Australia

Tues July 26
Patterns and variations in policy describing simulated assessment practices: Analyzing documents regulating maritime higher education
  Astrid Camilla Wiig, Norway

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Challenges of simulation training for future engineering seafarers - a qualitative case study
  Gholam Reza Emad, Aditi Kataria, Australia


Exploring strengths and weaknesses in professional marine pilot education
  Gesa Praetorius, Charlott Sellberg, Sweden


Transferring tacit knowledge during maritime pilot training: Assessment of methods in use
  Rikard Eklund, Anna-lisa Osvalder, Sweden


EEG-based stress recognition in competency assessment using maritime navigation simulator
  Satinder Singh Virdi, Yisi Liu, Daniel Zhang, Singapore


Analysis of an unmanned aerial vehicle accident using the perceptual cycle model
  Kirsty Lynch, Katie Plant, Victoria Banks, Aaron Roberts, UK


SESSION 23 Human Aspects of Advanced Manufacturing I MFG AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs:  Nina Rußkamp and Nektarios Karanikas, Germany/Australia
New ways to design next generation CAM systems. An integrated approach of co-creation and process modeling
  Nina Rußkamp, Claas Digmayer, Eva-Maria Jakobs, Florens Burgert, Marisa Schirmer, Susanne Mütze Niewöhner, Germany

Tues July 26
Conducive design as an iterative process for engineering CPPS
 Franziska Kessler, Sebastian Lorenz, Felix Miesen, Jonas Miesner, Florian Pelzer, Marc Satkowski, Anselm Klose, Leon Urbas, Germany

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Insights into human factors at a truck manufacturing company
  Ian Barros Guimaraes, Nektarios Karanikas, Australia


Understanding human factors to improve occupational safety in manufacturing: A case study
  Lucia Botti, Maniva Oliva, Riccardo Melloni, Italy


Functionalized multilayer structures for burns treatment
  Emilia Visileanu, Alexandra Ene, Stelian Sergiu Maier, Diana Popescu, Alina Vladu, Romania


Self-directed shop floor teams for industry 4.0
  Bastian Pokorni, Erdem Gelec, Stephan Verhasselt, Stefanie Findeisen, Germany


Realization of logistics operations within Nigerian manufacturing industries
  Ayodeji Dennis Adeitan, Clinton Aigbavboa, Oyindamola Cynthia Olubiyo, Adebayo Oluwasegun Adewole, South Africa


SESSION 24 International Transportation Safety Management SMHF AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs: Bart Accou and Anne Garcia, Belgium/USA
Training in traffic safety culture based on risk factor analysis for urban road accident prevention: Case study Rio Verde – Goiás, Brazil
  Magaly Romão, Paulo Do Vale, Guilherme Rodrigues De Sousa, Anabela dos Santos Aleixo Simões, Brazil

Tues July 26
Perspectives on human performance and safety management in NTSB rail and highway accident investigations
  Anne Garcia, Meg Sweeney, USA

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Reanalyzing the FPSO CSM accident (2015) with a human factors approach to understand the contribution of organizational elements and complexities
  Josue Franca, Erik Hollnagel, Sweden


Personal protective equipment availability, usage, and adaptability for seafarers
  Cecilia Osterman, Per Nilsson, Sweden


Selection and implementation of evidence based safety performance indicators in aviation training
  Brian Dillman, Dimitrios Ziakkas, Jason Cutter, USA


Expanded method of accident analysis and prevention – MAPAEX: An incident analysis in a railway company
  Sandra Beltran, Manoela Lopes, Rodolfo Vilela, Marco Querol, Gabriel Eroico, Ildeberto Almeida, Brazil


SESSION 25 Vehicle Automation I RR AHFE 10: Gramercy

Co-Chairs: Tom Driessen and Elisabeth Shi, Netherlands/Germany
The Effects of multi-modal takeover request on distracted drivers’ takeover performance and perception
  Ye Yang, Mengying Deng, Yaohua Zhou, Mingjiang Shi, Ruixuan Gao, China

Tues July 26
Confidence horizon for a dynamic balance between drivers and vehicle automation: First sketch and application
  Nicolas Herzberger, Marcel Usai, Frank Flemisch, Germany

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Meeting user needs in vehicle automation
  Uwe Drewitz, Klas Arne Ihme, Michael Oehl, Franziska Hartwich, Cornelia Hollander, Rick Vosswinkel, Robert Ritschel, Juliane Maerker, Helge Ludwig, Victor Fäßler, Alexander Trende, Daniela Johannmeyer, Yvonne Brück, Mathias Niedling , Germany


Identifying lane changes automatically using the GPS sensors of portable devices
  Tom Driessen, Lokin Prasad, Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Joost de Winter, Netherlands


Driving simulator study for the effects of autonomous vehicles on drivers behavior under car-following conditions
 Alessandro Calvi, Fabrizio D'Amico, Chiara Ferrante, Gaia Calcaterra, Italy


Overall effects of non-driving related activities’ characteristics on takeover performance in the context of SAE level 3: A meta-analysis
  Elisabeth Shi, Klaus Bengler, Germany


Development of empathic autonomous vehicles through understanding the passenger’s emotional state
  Nicolás Palomares, Javier Silva, Juan Manuel Belda-Lois, Sofía Iranzo, Begoña Mateo, Víctor De Nalda-tárrega, Jose Laparra, Jose Solaz, Spain


SESSION 26 Ergonomics in Architecture II SUPI AHFE 11: Madison Square

Co-Chairs:   Jakub Świerzawski and Zihan Xu, Poland/China
Exploration of landscape perception of Jinshan Peasant paintings village
  Hanrui Jia, Rui Xu, Youyuan Wang, Wenqian Qiu, China

Tues July 26
Metro public art from the perspective of semiotics
  Zihan Xu, Wuzhong Zhou, China

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Architecture on the edge of a city
  Nina Juzwa, Tomasz Konior, Jakub Świerzawski, Poland


Modular fabric tensile structures
  A. Diogo, Cristina Carvalho, António Morais, Portugal


The importance of the adobe brick for a sustainable architecture in Mexico
  Marcela De Obaldia, Fabiola Cortes Chavez, Alberto Rossa-Sierra, Mariel Garcia-Hernandez, Mexico


Current economic limits of housing affordability in the Czech and Slovak Republic
  Daniela Spirkova, Petr Stepanek, Julius Golej, Barbora Brestovska, Slovakia


SESSION 27 Usability and User Experience Applications I UUE AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Co-Chairs:  Daniela Quiñones and Po Jen Yang, Chile/Taiwan
User eXperience heuristics for geoportals
  Daniela Quiñones, Andrés Barraza, Luis Rojas, Chile

Tues July 26
User experience study on self-checkout system of hypermarkets in Taiwan
  Po Jen Yang, I Wen Yen, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Eliciting potential for positive UX using psychological needs: Towards a user-centered method to identify technologies for UX in the car interior
  Valeria Bopp-Bertenbreiter, Stefan Klein, Doreen Engelhardt, Lena Rittger, Frederik Diederichs, Harald Widlroither, Matthias Peissner, Germany


Designing a UX mobile app for hydration and sustainability tracking in academia
  Ana F. Curralo, Pedro Miguel Faria, Antonio Curado, Paula Azeredo, Sergio I. Lopes, Portugal


User experience and service mode of telecare system with handheld devices
  Liang-Yuan Che, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan


User experience of visual perception for smart central control system
  Hongyu Li, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan


A user experience investigation on using augmented reality technology for explaining step-by-step instructions
  Tingyi S. Lin, Yin Ho Wang, Taiwan


Value analysis of a smart product design by using bigdata mining
  Nan Hu, Jianghong Zhao, Danhua Zhao, China


SESSION 28 Future Ecosystem Opportunities HFBMS AHFE 13: Madison 1

Co-Chairs: Minna Takala and Vesa Salminen, Finland
Future ecosystem ensuring competitiveness in continuous co-evolution
  Vesa Salminen, Heikki Ruohomaa, Finland

Tues July 26
Matching B2B-partners in the sharing economy
Luca Niederhauser, Toni Waefler, Sebastian Huber, Uta Juettner, Karina von dem Berge, Charles Huber, Simona Burri, Switzerland

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Regional innovation ecosystems fostering sustainable development
  Minna Takala, Taina Tukiainen, Finland


Complex scenario design for investigating cognitive process for problem-solving collaboration
  Yingting Chen, Taro Kanno, Kazuo Furuta, Japan


How information flows in industrial symbiosis and what are the gaps and discontinuities?"    
  Anne-Mari Järvenpää, Jussi Kantola, Vesa Salminen, Finland


Are blockchain functions required for sharing economy business?: From the perspective of customers
  Young In Koh, Sung H. Han, Junseong Park, South Korea


5G cottage network as technical platform in renewing innovations
  Heikki Ruohomaa, Vesa Salminen, Finland


SESSION 29 Human-Autonomy Teaming and Simulation Applications HFSIM AHFE 14: Madison 2

Chair: Catherine Neubauer, Niav Hughes Green and Kelly Dickerson, USA
Novices as models of expert operators: Evidence from the NRC human performance test facility
  Jinchao Lin, Gerald Matthews, Niav Hughes, Kelly Dickerson, USA

Tues July 26
The importance of assessing both expert and non-expert populations to inform expert performance
  Stephen Mitroff, Emma Siritzky, Samoni Nag, Patrick Cox, Chloe Callahan-Flintoft, Andrew Tweedell, Dwight Kravitz, Kelvin Oie, USA

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Towards a consequential validity perspective for selecting participant groups in testing and evaluation studies for complex systems
  Nathan Lau, Ronald Boring, USA


Studying control room operations on a shoestring budget - Reflections on the Rancor Microworld
  Thomas Ulrich, Ronald Boring, Roger Lew, USA


Measuring driving simulator adaptation using EDA
  Marie-Anne Pungu Mwange, Fabien Rogister, Luka Rukonic, Belgium


Impact of camera perspective and image throughput on human trust of a quadrupedal robot scout
  Ralph Brewer, Zachary Guyton, Tyler Long, Angela Vantreese, Mason Russell, Chad Kessens, Ericka Rovira, USA


Evaluation of human-autonomy team trust for weaponized robotic combat vehicles
  Ralph Brewer, Catherine Neubauer, Anthony Baker, Angelique Scharine, Samantha Berg, Kristi Davis, Daniel Forster, Andrea Krausman, Kristin Schaefer, USA


SESSION 30 Human Factors in Virtual Environments and Game Design II HFGD AHFE 15: Madison 3

Chair:  Byungjoon Kim, USA
VR-based serious games approach for a virtual installation of an ammonia compressor pack in the industrial refrigeration
  Fahmi Bellalouna, Robin Langebach, Volker Stamer, Mike Prakash, Mika Luimula, Anis Jedidi, Faiez Gargouri, Germany/Finland/Tunisia

Tues July 26
Hazardous training scenarios in virtual reality - a preliminary study of training scenarios for massive disasters in metaverse
  Mika Luimula, Jarmo Majapuro, Fahmi Bellalouna, Anis Jedidi, Brita Somerkoski, Timo Haavisto, Finland

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Exploring the use of virtual reality in co-reviewing designs
  Ian Garcia, Jouke Verlinden, Belgium


Application of virtual reality to instructions of manual lifting analysis
  Byungjoon Kim, Jinkun Lee, Emma Kloth, USA


Replacing common picking devices from augmented reality scenarios at warehouses by a laser projection system
  Jan Finke, Sebastian Hoose, Jana Jost, Moritz Roidl, Germany


Design of control elements in virtual reality - Investigation of factors influencing operating efficiency, user experience and presence
  Niels Hinricher, Chris Schröer, Claus Backhaus, Germany


Chinese characters factory - Design of children's Chinese character construction enlightenment game based on augmented reality technology
  Cai Xin, China


Promoting a teaching platform for "traditional skills + virtual reality technology”
  Shujun Ban, Maria Rita Ferrara, China/Italy 


Tuesday, July 26, 2022    

12:00-13:30 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 31 Design Communication I:  Global Issues HFCD AHFE 1: Chelsea

Co-Chairs:  Nuno Martins and Daniel Raposo, Portugal
Self-initiated practices in the urban community of Balteiro: Design challenges in a post-pandemic setting
  Nuno Martins, Daniel Brandão, Eliana Penedos-Santiago, Heitor Alvelos, Cláudia Lima, Susana Barreto, Ana Clara Roberti, Portugal

Tues July 26
Communication of sustainability through the wine label design: an experimental study
  Anna Firsova, Tao Xi, China

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Text vs. images: Understanding emotional expressions on social media during COVID-19 pandemic
  Qiuwen Li, USA


Using diagrams to explain brand concepts and implement visual identities
  Rogério Ribeiro, Daniel Raposo, Rita Almendra, João Neves, Portugal


Extraction of key factors to determining the acceptability of diet therapy based on syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine
  Yansong Luo, Chunrong Liu, Kong  Fan Qiang, China


SESSION 32 Creative Design and 3D Printing AMMSP AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs:  Emilio Rossi and Massimo Di Nicolantonio, UK/Italy
Design and production of hybrid products
  Álvaro M. Sampaio, André Lima, Catia Silva, Ana Catarina Martins Miranda, António J. Pontes, Portugal

Tues July 26
A systematic literature review and prospects for the additive manufacturing in the creative industries
  Oluwayemisi Adebola Abisuga, Deon De Beer, South Africa

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
DESK M.A.T.E.: Rapid prototyped desk for teaching in developing countries and emergency situations
  Massimo Di Nicolantonio, Emilio Rossi, Alessio D'Onofrio, Raffaella Massacesi, Italy/UK


3D-printed inclusive modular system for underprivileged communities
  Emilio Rossi, Massimo Di Nicolantonio, Alessio D'Onofrio, Raffaella Massacesi, UK/Italy


FlexKeys: Rapidly customizable 3D printed tactile input devices with no assembly required
  Ben Greenspan, Eric Gallo, Andreea Danielescu, USA


The influence of filament type and number of layers on mechanical resistance: Contributions for the development of 3D printed prosthesis
  Amanda Coelho Figliolia, Erica Tobaro, Gilberto Gonçalves, Hamilton Mello, Frode Eika Sandnes, Fausto Orsi Medola, Brazil


SESSION 33 Emotion in Fashion Design and Intersection Areas HDCS AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Co-Chairs: Ana Mónica Pereira Reis de Matos Romãozinho and Rafaela Norogrando, Portugal
Decoration and nostalgia - Historical study on visual matrices and forms of diffusion of Fêtes Galantes in the 20th century
  Vânia Carneiro De Carvalho, Brazil

Tues July 26
Somewhere between architecture and jewelry
  Mónica Romãozinho, Portugal

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Second skin’s sensitivity: Memories and consciousness
  Rafaela Norogrando, Portugal


Hand-made jewelry in the age of digital technology
  Livia Tenuta, Alba Cappellieri, Susanna Testa, Beatrice Rossato, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Italy


Design practices within contemporary societies
  Cláudia Lima, Portugal


SESSION 34 Augmenting Service Capabilities in the Post-Pandemic Era HSSE AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Co-Chairs: Kazuyoshi Hidaka and Kentaro Watanabe, Japan 
Development of a customer satisfaction classification model considering service failure in restaurant business
  Hisashi Masuda, Japan

Tues July 26   Influencer attributes and characterizations on tourists' intention to revisit destination in social media influencer marketing
  Ichii Kenta, Hisashi Masuda, Japan

12:00-13:30 (EDT)   Effects of incentivized fake reviews on E-commerce markets
  Shotaro Okamoto, Hiroki Takahashi, Koji Kimita, Nariaki Nishino, Japan

    Human augmentation technology for teleworking in service/non-service industries: A survey in Japan
   Kentaro Watanabe, Bach Ho, Mai Otsuki, Yusuke Kishita, Maiko Kobayakawa, Japan

    Role of shared responsibility in service system
  Md Abul Kalam Siddike, Kazuyoshi Hidaka, Japan


SESSION 35 Education for Creativity, Design and Innovation CIE AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Co-Chairs:  Martin Kröll and Leonardo Springer, Germany/Portugal
Creative practice applied in a higher education class
  Leonardo Springer, Portugal

Tues July 26
Interdisciplinary learning - tomorrow’s executive as creative problem solvers
  Simrun Sethi, USA

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Entrepreneurial education: the case of South American countries
  Ximena Morales Urrutia, Diana Morales Urrutia, Stalyn Avila Herrera, Ecuador


A drawing system with an interface that can be used to impose limits and unleash creativity
  Hiromi Katsumata, Bo Liu, China


Use of AI tools in learning platforms and the role of feedback for learning
  Martin Kröll, Kristina Burova-Keßler, Germany 


A certification framework for virtual reality and metaverse training scenarios in the maritime and shipping industry
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Aksel David Nordholm, Panagiotis Markopoulos, Stavroula Iliadi, Mika Luimula, John Faraclas, Finland


SESSION 36 Laurence R. Young Memorial Panel on Human-Centered Automation Applications in Spaceflight HCASSA AHFE 6: Bowery

Co-Chairs:  Leia Stirling and Dan Buckland, USA
Evaluation of a novel display element and control mode for improving piloted lunar landing
  Torin Clark, Carlo Pinedo, USA

Tues July 26
Autonomous ultrasound vascular localization performed by commercial robotic arm with human as user and controller in spaceflight
  Siobhan Oca, Daniel Buckland, USA

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Wearable technology as a dynamic interface/interaction platform for aerospace systems
  Brad Holschuh, USA


Methods for evaluating neurovestibular and sensorimotor performance using augmented reality and wearable sensors
  Hannah Weiss, Leia Stirling, USA


Co-estimates of mental workload and situation awareness through biosignal monitoring in human-autonomy teaming
  Savannah Buchner, Jacob R. Kintz, Johnny Zhang, Neil Bannerjee, Torin Clark, Allison Anderson, USA


Virtual reality /augmented reality applications to support human performance and astronaut health during spaceflight exploration missions
  Ana Diaz Artiles, Renee Abbott, Nathan Keller, USA


NASA’s identified risks of adverse outcomes due to inadequate human systems integration architecture in human spaceflight
  Daniel Buckland, Megan Parisi, Kaitlin Mctigue, Shu-Chieh Wu, Tina Panontin, Gordon Vos, Devan Petersen, Alonso Vera, USA


SESSION 37 Human Factors in Aviation I AVI AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Co-Chairs:  Lori Smith and Amelia Kinsella, USA    
Advanced air mobility: Cabin of the future rescue helicopters
  Ivana Moerland-Masic, Fabian Reimer, Peter Weiand, Thomas Weber, Thomas-Mathias Bock, Frank Meller, Bjoern Nagel, Germany

Tues July 26
Early callsign highlighting using automatic speech recognition to reduce air traffic controller workload
Shruthi Shetty, Hartmut Helmke, Matthias Kleinert, Oliver Ohneiser, Germany

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Safety and privacy in urban air mobility (UAM) - a user centric design approach providing insights into people´s preferences for UAM cabin designs
  Fabian Reimer, Ivana Moerland-Masic, Albert End, Jana Schadow, Thomas-Mathias Bock, Frank Meller, Bjoern Nagel, Germany


Continuing development of a novel framework for visual air traffic controller tasks: Determining metrics for evaluating spatial relationships
  Lori Smith, Amelia Kinsella, Katherine Berry, Rebecca Collins, USA


Human factors analysis of strengths and challenges in air traffic control training
  Jason Kring, R. Jordan Hinson, Ryan Dlugash, Michael Sawyer, Tara Gibson, Edward Austrian, USA


SESSION 38 Diagnostic System and Techniques EHMD AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs: Huifang Shang and Mehdi Boukhechba, China/USA
The positive distraction effect of toys in children's venous blood sampling
  Huifang Shang, Guo Xincheng, Chuanshun Wang, China

Tues July 26
Augmented reality application for HoloLens dedicated to the accuracy test: Evolution and results
  Julien Barbier, Franck Gechter, Sylvain Grosdemouge, France

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
User requirements for a health care service based on point-of-care testing in the context of ambulatory care and telemedicine for older people
  Kamalatharsi Mutuura, Mario Niederhauser, Nico Erb, Freddie Van Den Anker, Switzerland


Phase-based assessment of arthroscopic skill using motion smoothness metrics: A simulator-based proof-of-concept study
  Simar Singh, Chelse Vanatter, Ravikiran Singapogu, USA


AR-coach: Using augmented reality (AR) for real-time clinical guidance during medical emergencies on deep space exploration missions
  Mahdi Ebnali, Andrew Goldsmith, Barbara Burian, Byonne Atamna, Nicole Duggan, Chanel Fischetti, Steven Yule, Roger Dias, USA


A smartwatch based system for monitoring fluid consumption of end stage kidney patients
  Mehdi Boukhechba, Mingyue Tang, Brendan Bowman, Jamie Zoellner, Emaad Abdel-Rahman, USA


Workflow analysis of a blood bank: An Indian case study
  Kriti Karmakar, Pradip Kumar Ray, India

SESSION 39 Cognitive Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) CCIoT AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs:  Zoheir Sabeur and Kenneth Lim, UK/USA
Adaptive weighted 3D object image inference model based on image complexity
  Yueqi Liu, Pu Meng, Zhuoyue Diao, Xin Meng, Liqun Zhang, Xiaodong Li, China

Tues July 26
Computational aesthetics of visual artworks: Review and outlook
  Pu Meng, Yueqi Liu, Liqun Zhang, Xiaodong Li, China

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Digital twins for the intelligent detection of malicious activities in urban spaces
   Zoheir Sabeur, Alessandro Bruno, Liam Johnstone, Marouane Ferjani, Djamel Benaouda, Deniz Cetinkaya, Banafshe Arbab-Zavar, Muntadhar Sallal, Benjamin Hardiman, UK


Cyber-physical behaviour detection and understanding using artificial intelligence
   Zoheir Sabeur, Alessandro Bruno, Liam Johnstone, Marouane Ferjani, Djamel Benaouda, Banafshe Arbab-Zavar, Deniz Cetinkaya, Muntadhar Sallal, UK


Office-based workplace monitoring and time-aware feedback by using ambient IoT sensors
  Herwig Zeiner, Roland Unterberger, Dietmar Maurer, Silvia Russegger, Lucas Paletta, Austria


Time-aware and spatial oriented driven User Interfaces in the context of safe zones for underground mining
  Norbert Gomolla, Herwig Zeiner, Roland Unterberger, Raúl Miñón Jiménez, Philipp Hartlieb, Germany


Internet of things security policy in enterprises
  Michal Trziszka, Poland


Application of industry 4.0 tools:  Integrated building site payment management portal for construction works
  Lekan Amusan, Terdoo Udendeh, Clinton Aigbavboa, Nigeria/South Africa


SESSION 40 Apparel Ergonomics, Engineering and Performance HFATE AHFE 10: Gramercy

Co-Chairs:  Gianni Montagna and Rachele Didero, Portugal/Italy
The role of teaching advanced technological knowledge to enhance experimental creativity in knit design
  Martina Motta, Delia Dumitrescu, Italy

Tues July 26
The wardrobe for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  Carla Morais, Joana Pinto, Gianni Montagna, Cristina Carvalho, Portugal

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
A comprehensive body sizing system for international fashion consumers and apparel manufacturing
  Tracy Mok, Xin Zhang, Ningrong Xie, Jin-tu Fan, Hong Kong


The textile designer skills to face the emerging challenges of textile industry and the role of academia
  Sonia Seixas, Gianni Montagna, Maria João Felix, Portugal


Infrared thermal mapping of young male body following different physical exercises
  Xinbo Wu, Rong Liu, Mohammad Mohiuddin Choudhury, Hung Kay Daniel Chow, Chongyang Ye, Hoi Hung Ho, Hong Kong


CAPABLE: Engineering, textile, and fashion collaboration, for citizens' awareness and privacy protection
  Rachele Didero, Giovanni Maria Conti, Italy


SESSION 41 Product Design and Ergonomic Evaluation PEHF AHFE 11: Madison Square

Co-Chairs: Tamaki Mitsuno and Xinyang Zhu, Japan/China
Ergonomics evaluation methods for civil aircraft cockpit layout
  Xinyang Zhu, Yang Zhou, China

Tues July 26   Effect of the backpack load on students’ discomfort
  Nutan Ashok Chougule, Aliuddin Ahmed, Yueqing Li, USA

12:00-13:30 (EDT)   Effect of the shoe heel height on lower-limb muscle activity
  Tamaki Mitsuno, Ami Sugawara, Japan

    Effects of carbon fiber insole on lower-extremity muscle activation and wearing comfort during treadmill running
  Myeonghoon Ko, Tiejun Ma, Shuping Xiong, South Korea

    Intervention of arch support: A quantitative study
  Mei Ying Kwan, Kit Lun Yick, Joanne Yip, Chi Yung Tse, Hong Kong

    Cycling stability and symmetry using a corrective bib short
  Senne Henderieckx, Alexander Van Gastel, Jochen Vleugels, Sam Smets, Stijn Verwulgen, Belgium

    Smart detective gloves (PROSAFE) for reducing carpal tunnel syndrome injuries
  Saed Amer, Asmaa Alsereidi, Marwah Aldhanhani, UAE


SESSION 42 Comfort and Interior Considerations in Automated Vehicles  RR AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Co-Chairs:  Florian Kretzschmar and Vanessa Stange, Germany
Detection of discomfort in autonomous driving via stochastic approximation
  Florian Kretzschmar, Matthias Beggiato, Alois Pichler, Germany

Tues July 26
The public requirements on interior facilities of highly automated vehicles in China
  Qingkun Li, Zhenyuan Wang, Wenjun Wang, Chao Zeng, Weimin Liu, Jiawei Mu, Quan Yuan, Bo Cheng, China

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Evaluation of the seating environment of an autonomous taxi on user needs – an online survey investigation
  Manuel Kipp, Caroline Guo, Klaus Bengler, Germany 


Take a seat! - Passengers' perceived risk and driving behavior preferences during automated driving in urban traffic depending on the seat position
  Vanessa Stange, Sarah Helweg, Mark Vollrath, Germany


Experimental setup for assessing drivers’ experiences of reclined sitting posture in automated vehicles
  Anna-lisa Osvalder, Melina Makris, Sweden


Construction of models for predicting arousal level in advance based on features of face images
  Yuki Mekata, Miwa Nakanishi, Japan


SESSION 43 Usability and User Experience Applications II UUE AHFE 13: Madison 1

Co-Chairs:  Bolin Yang and Jorge Gil Tejeda, China/Mexico
User experience design of online education interactive product for international students based on SAPAD and scenario thinking
  Bolin Yang, Ren-ke He, China

Tues July 26
User Experiences derived from mass-distribution virtual products are integrated by the spatio-temporal component
  Jorge Gil Tejeda, Lorena Olmos Pineda, Mexico

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
User experience of Taiwan railway ticket vending machine
  Ching Yi Lee, Ching-I Chen, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan


Comparative study on user experience of ATM cardless withdrawal services
  Joon Ming Nigell Lay, I Wen Yen, Meng-Cong Zheng, Taiwan


Verification of the effects of a personalized evacuation alert using behavioral or location information on the sense of urgency in a disaster
  Tomoki Yano, Kouyou Otsu,Tomoko Izumi, Japan


On mobile augmented reality and user experience: A reflection and future research agenda
  Ana Faria, Célia Pinto, Emanuel Sousa, Portugal


The effects of website design quality on the success rate of online web design agency
  Ebrahim Jabbari, Chokeanand Bussracumpakorn, Thailand


Mask design implications based on mask fit and performance across different age groups
  Linsey Griffin, Minji Yu, Alison Cloet, Neil Carlson, Susan Arnold, William Durfee, USA


SESSION 44 Ergonomic Developments in Systems Interactions SYSI AHFE 14: Madison 2

Co-Chairs:  Ricardo Vigario and Isabel L. Nunes, Portugal
RehbBrain: A platform with serious games for perceptual and cognitive rehabilitation
 Sandrina Rodrigues, Claudia Quaresma, Krupa Hansra, Patricia Santos, Nidia Grazina, Ana Antunes, Bruno Mendes, Carla Quintão, Ricardo Vigário, Portugal

Tues July 26
Lower limb exoskeletons some examples of application
  Catarina Santos, Ana Teresa Videira Gabriel, Cláudia Quaresma, Isabel L. Nunes, Portugal

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Ergonomic assessment of warehouse activities in an electric utilities company
  Ana Teresa Videira Gabriel, Maria Mendes, Isabel L. Nunes, Portugal


Formative evaluation of virtual reality materials for inducing cultural awareness
  Manami Nozaki, Kazumi Watanabe, Taeko Fukuda, Hiromi Ogasawara, Japan


Leveraging the Kinect sensor to correct improper bowling form
  Brisaac Johnson, Chris Crawford, USA


Psychophysics and user experience: Perceptual differences in the effort required to operate virtual push-buttons
  Gerhard Rinkenauer, Jai Prakash Kushvah, Marc Grosjean, Germany


SESSION 45 Digital Business Transformation and Change Leadership I HFBMS AHFE 15: Madison 3

Chair: Heikki Ruohomaa and Vesa Salminen, Finland
Systems intelligence, perceived performance and wellbeing
  Satu Jumisko Pyykko, Juha Törmänen, Kimmo Vanni, Raimo P Hämäläinen, Esa Saarinen, Finland

Tues July 26
Field research of environment identity system based on corporate identity system
  Wei Ding, Xinyue Yang, China

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
On demand loans real time service: Essential user feature by the banks in Society 5
  Elizabeth  Koumpan, Ram Ravishankar, Periasamy Girirajan, USA


Smart countryside community in quadrable helix development
  Heikki Ruohomaa, Minna Takala, Vesa Salminen, Finland


Linkage between the usage of digital technologies and emotional competence
  Asta Savanevičienė, Lina Girdauskiene, Rosita Jocytė, Lithuania


Smart ships and the evolution of cruise target: How smart technologies are affecting the relationship of customers with spaces and services
  Giuseppe Carmosino, Andrea Ratti, Italy


Transforming energy marketing practices for enhanced solar PV adoption
  Shah Rukh Shakeel, Arto Rajala, Finland


Assessment of marketing strategies adoption and competitiveness among quantity surveying firms in the digitization era
  Beauty John, Samuel Adekunle, Success Enebeli, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa


Tuesday, July 26, 2022    

14:30-16:00 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 46 Advanced Learning Technologies TELS AHFE 1: Chelsea

Co-Chairs: Cezary Biele and Qiaochu Liu, Poland/China
Movement and cognition from the perspective of new technologies.
  Cezary Biele, Poland

Tues July 26
Design interactive teaching tools of programming language for senior high school students
  Yu Ting Huang, Chien-Hsu Chen, Taiwan

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
3D modeling logs based design process mining method and its application for design education
  Qiaochu Liu, Wen Gao, Ziyu Huang, Weixin Huang, China


NAO robot as scrum master: Results from a scenario-based study on building rapport with a humanoid robot in hybrid, higher education settings
  Ilona Buchem, Niklas Baecker, Germany


Measuring impact of communication medium on training effectiveness
  Brett Israelsen, Marielle Machacek, Peggy Wu, Stephen Gilbert, James Oliver, USA


From disembodied to embodied: The embodied transformation of children's architectural education learning situation design
  Jing Xu, Duoduo Zhang, China


Methodology to evaluate the impact of learning with the use of physical modeling of structural prototypes
  Eva Velez, Dolores Chica, Marcial Calero, Laura de Jesús Calero Proaño, Ecuador

SESSION 47 Theories, Methods and Teaching DI AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs:  Giuseppe Di Bucchianico and Daniele Busciantella-Ricci, Italy
Design for inclusive attitude: Towards a theoretical framework
  Daniele Busciantella-Ricci, Carlos Aceves-Gonzalez, Alessandra Rinaldi, Italy

Tues July 26
Teaching eco inclusive design: An innovative educational path
  Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Italy

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Responsive and flexible systems for the non-typical user: A design methodology to observe the outliers
  Inés Alvarez-Icaza Longoria, Sergio Navarro Tuch, Rogelio Bustamante-Bello, Arturo Molina, Ariel Lopez Aguilar, Mexico


An AI-assisted design method for “Huayao cross-stitch” patterns based on semantics
  Junchun Chen, Tie Ji, Jian Peng, Bin Wang, China


A contemporary investigation into anthropometric dimensions and applications for design 70 years after the publication of "the average man"
  Robert Pettys Baker, Jerritt Smith, Megan Clarke, Emily Cook, Baonhia Xiong, Minji Yu, Linsey Griffin, USA


SESSION 48 Human Factors in Software and Systems Engineering I HFSSE AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Co-Chairs:  Benjamin Roehm and Marcel Saager, Germany
KONECT: Implementation and extension of a method for the development of safety-critical human-machine interaction interfaces
  Marcel Saager, Jan Patrick Osterloh, Yvonne Brück, Germany

Tues July 26
A new conceptual design for subsea charging station
  Jing Luo, You Wang, Xinyu Zhao, Jiatai Zhang, China

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Optimization of signal reconstruction AUTOENCODER for sensor fault detection in nuclear emergencies
  Jeonghun Choi, Seung jun Lee, South Korea


Concept for the selection and positioning of sensor technology in the development of advanced systems
  Benjamin Roehm, Germany


Procedure parsing: A method for parsing handwritten documents into computer-based procedures
  Stacey Whitmore, USA


Implementing Alexa virtual assistant in learning a new language: Students’ perception analysis
  Omar Cóndor-Herrera, Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Carlos Ramos-Galarza, Ecuador


Electronic prototype for the acquisition, processing and visualization of cardiac signals
   Eduardo Pinos-Vélez, Mateo Valverde-Jara, Ismael Narvaez-Miranda, Ecuador


SESSION 49 Human Performance in Air, Maritime, and Ground Transportation HERRP AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Co-Chairs:  Toru Nakata and Jooyoung Park, Japan/USA
Adapting the human factors analysis and classification system for commercial fishing vessel accidents
  Peter Zohorsky, Holly Handley, USA

Tues July 26
Decision support systems for route planning: Impacts on performance and trust
  Mary Frame, Jessica Armstrong, Bradley Schlessman, USA

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Increasing the usability of audio alerts with voice instructions on ship’s bridges
  Felix-Marcel Petermann, Ole Andreas Alsos, Erik Styhr Petersen, Malene Liavaag, Julie Karine Schmidt Solberg, Norway


Exploring multitasking performance and fatigue with the MAT-B II: A narrative review
  Melissa  Ngo , Siobhan Banks, Philippe Rauffet, Australia


The application of human factors in wake vortex encounter flight simulations for the reduction of flight upset risk and startle response
  Frédéric Rooseleer, Barry Kirwan, Elizabeth Humm, Diana Paola Moreno Alarcon, Belgium


Influence of Head up display on visual fatigue and eye-hand discoordination in runway incursion scenarios
  Xiangyu Ge, Shuyu Shao, Yingqian Meng, China


Health crisis management and resilience factors: A comparative study in two sectors
  Cecilia De La Garza, Nora Oufi, France


SESSION 50 Competitiveness and Productivity in Contemporary Organization APMPC AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Co-Chairs:  Nicolás Palomares and Christian Plesker, Spain/Germany
Augmented reality-based programming of robot arms
  Vladimir Kutscher, David Bassauer, Thomas Dasbach, Reiner Anderl, Germany

Tues July 26
Configuration of a web-based digital twin using a modular and flexible simulation chain
  Christian Plesker, Vladimir Kutscher, David Bassauer, Reiner Anderl, Germany

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Medical devices analysed from the human factors and ergonomics in engineering design point of view: Case study
 Adrian Morales Casas, Jose Laparra, Nicolás Palomares, Carlos Atienza, Lorenzo Solano-García, Spain


The South African automotive industry’s competitiveness and supply chain integration challenges
  John M. Ikome, Timothy Laseinde, Grace M. Kanakana Katumba, South Africa


The competitive and productivity challenges in developing nations:  A case study of South African automotive industry
  John M. Ikome, Timothy Laseinde, Grace M. Kanakana Katumba, South Africa


Effect of inspector’s characteristics on defect detection in appearance inspection utilizing peripheral vision
  Ryosuke Nakajima, Japan


Barriers for implementing reverse logistics in South African construction organizations
  Unathi Makalima, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ifije Ohiomah, Nita Sukdeo, South Africa


Cost estimations of water pollution for effective management and water resources
  Anne Mumbi and Tsunemi Watanabe, Japan

SESSION 51 Research and Education in Design HDCS AHFE 6: Bowery

Chair: Rita Assoreira Almendra, Portugal
Symbiosis design: An interdisciplinary methodology
  José Silveira Dias, Portugal

Tues July 26
Sustainability (still) on demand: Tools for next generation designers
  Rute Gomes, Portugal

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Community engagement methodology for the academic design curriculum
  Caio Miolo de Oliveira, Rita Assoreira Almendra, Ana Rita Lourenço, Tiago Leitão, Portugal


The challenge of the development of complexity approach skills in design education. A study with design students
  Manuela Maia, Portugal


Interdisciplinarity and collaboration - a study focusing on experienced biodesign practitioners
  Andrea Bandoni, Rita Almendra, Gabriela Forman, Portugal


[de]territorialization:  The role of our brain in a technological world
  Luis Miguel Ginja, Portugal


SESSION 52 Behavioral Cybersecurity CYBER AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Co-Chairs:  Wayne Patterson and Valarie Yerdon, USA
A metric to assist in detecting international phishing or ransomware cyberattacks
  Wayne Patterson, USA

Tues July 26
Insider threat: Cognitive effects of modern apathy towards privacy, trust, and security
  Valarie Yerdon, Peter Hancock, USA

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
A didactic tool for digital forensics
  Ebru Cankaya, Anindita Palit, Elissa Williams, USA


A closer look at insider threat research
  Ivan Kong, Masooda Bashir, USA


The impact of technology threat avoidance theory constructs on cybersecurity avoidance behaviour
  Hamed Alqahtani, Saudi Arabia

SESSION 53 Emerging Research Innovations in Service Design, User Experience, and Design Research:  Industry, Business, and Education  HSSE AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs: Kim Mitchell and Debra Satterfield, USA
Interdisciplinary design teaching: A pedagogical approach to train hands-on UX/UI designers
   Sam Anvari, Gabriella Hancock, USA

Tues July 26   Bridging the gap between industry and education: Engaging design professionals in the education of student designers
  Julie Hurley, Nico Raddatz, Debra Satterfield, USA

14:30-16:00 (EDT)   Designing a multi-disciplinary class to create a social robot for Alzheimer's
  Kimberly Mitchell, Luke MacDougall, John Hooten, Robert Bray, Xiaopeng Zhao, USA

    “Voices of design:  People, stories and innovation” service design through university and community engagement
  Debra Satterfield, Jose Rivera-Chang, David Teubner, Tom Tredway, Wesley Woelfel, USA

    Reasons why students decide to leave a university
  Hiromi Masunaga, Tianni Zhou, USA


SESSION 54 Design Strategies CIE AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs:  Carmen Bruno and Sylvain Bruni, Italy/USA
An evaluation of material customized modular protective helmets
  Parth Shah, Tejeswar Yarlagadda, Ameersing Luximon, Dong An, Yan Luximon, Hong Kong

Tues July 26
An operational framework of methods for designing ethical and sustainable future digital scenarios
  Marita Canina, Carmen Bruno, Eva Monestier, Italy

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Introducing PATI: The Pareto analysis for technology insertion - a human-centered methodology to identify and prioritize innovation in complex systems
  Sylvain Bruni, USA


Monetization canvas framework to efficiently assess the impact of research outcome
  Muthu Singaram, Vr Muraleedhran, Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam Sivaprakasam, Shashwat Pathak, India


Understanding corporate innovation readiness and frequency factors with the Democratic Survival, Mirrored and Compulsive (DSMC) framework
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Kwame Ofori, UK


An ESG-SDGs alignment and execution model based on the Ocean Strategies transition in emerging markets
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Maria Barbara Ramonda, UK


Gamification in a democratic pro-environmental behaviour model towards achieving effective ESG corporate strategies
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Alejandro Vera Ramirez, Panagiotis Markopoulos, Hannu Vanharanta, UK/Finland


SESSION 55 Assistive Technology and Sensory Accessibility HFAAT AHFE 10: Gramercy

Co-Chairs:  Claudia Becchimanzi and Irene Ballester, Italy/Austria
On the stimulation and visibility by blinking light emitting block for low vision
  Shoichiro Fujisawa, Masaki Okegawa, Kenji Sakami, Jyunji Kawata, Yoshio Kaji, Mineo Higuchi, Shin-ichi Ito, Jiro Morimoto, Japan

Tues July 26
Acceptability of assistive robotics by older adults: Results from a human-centered qualitative study
  Claudia Becchimanzi, Ester Iacono, Alessia Brischetto, Italy

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Automated vision-based toilet assistance for people with dementia
  Irene Ballester, Martin Kampel, Austria


Psychogeography with Jack B. Yeats Art Sounding Gallery: Augmented reality locative experience for blind people
  Svetlana Rudenko, Mads Haahr, Ireland


Use of hearing aids at work: Results of a questionnaire for the analysis of comfort and perceived benefit
  Claudia Giliberti, Fabio Lo Castro, Maria Patrizia Orlando, Raffaele Mariconte, Maurizio Diano, Italy


Verifying screen reader accessibility of apps developed using Google Flutter
  Alireza Darvishy, Switzerland


SESSION 56 Management and Leadership I HFML AHFE 11: Madison Square

Co-Chairs:  Patricia Castillo-Galván and Clinton Aigbavboa, Mexico/South Africa
Digital technology as a tool for the growth of Mexican SMEs in San Luis Potosi
  Patricia Castillo-Galván, Juan José Mendez Palacios, Mexico

Tues July 26
Securing project goals: The art of guarding against construction project closure
  Olushola Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa, Douglas Aghimien, Ayodeji Oke, South Africa

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Failure of construction projects: Exploring the impacts on the society
  Olushola Akinshipe, Clinton Aigbavboa, Nokulunga Mashwama, Didi Thwala, South Africa


Causes of conflict in the South African construction industry
  Matthieu Ilunga Bodika, Clinton Aigbavboa, Ifije Ohiomah, Nita Sukdeo, South Africa


Learning from existing errors: External stakeholders’ impact on road infrastructure projects
  Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Winnie Mushatu, Nokulunga Mashwama, Clinton Aigbavboa, Didi Thwala, South Africa


Exploration of building information modelling in the Nigerian construction industry
  Benjamen Sunkanmi Adeyemi, Helen Ifedolapo Babalola, Clinton Aigbavboa, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, South Africa


New information and communication technologies for public participation in Ecuadorian land management. Case study Cuenca
  Natalia Pacurucu, Lorena Vivanco, Boris Orellana-Alvear, Alfredo Ordoñez, Ecuador


Structural challenges to adopt digital transformation in industrial organizations: A multiple case study
  Faisal Imran, Khuram Shahzad, Aurangzeab Aurangzeab Butt, Jussi Kantola, Finland


SESSION 57 Anthropometry ED AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Chair:  Haining Wang, China
Large-scale Chinese FSTT database for finite element modeling
  Baoqi Zhou, Wang Haining, Ziyao Zhao, China

Tues July 26
Development of a finite element head model for contact pressure study of N95 respirator
  Ziyao Zhao, Wang Haining, Baoqi Zhou, China

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
The effects of physical load and clamping force on prolonged wearing of AR glasses
  Yujia Du, Wang Haining, Yuxin Ju, Meng Qiu, China


Development of 3D reference headforms for Chinese adults
  Wang Haining, Tong Z, K. Liu, China


External ear shape classification of Chinese adults for ergonomic product design
  Wang Haining, K. Liu, Yan Yan, Chang Liu, China


Portuguese female firefighters anthropometrics: Preliminary results
  Miguel Carvalho, Rachel Boldt, Fernando Ferreira, Susan Ashdown, Linsey Griffin, Anna Sophia Moraes, Portugal


SESSION 58 Emotional Engineering I APD AHFE 13: Madison 1

Co-Chairs:  Keiichi Muramatsu and Yoshimasa Tawatsuji, Japan
Design of firefighter's special call unit based on emotional design theory
  Yonghong Wang, Ying Cao, China

Tues July 26
Emotional design study for blind box toys
  Xiong Yi, Bing Xiao, China

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Job search app design for college students based on emotional experience
  Puning Wang, Bing Xiao, China


Color matching method of HCI interface design driven by aesthetic perception
  Qi Li, Pei Yan, Wang Wei, Yihang Du, China


The emotionalized design of intangible cultural heritage: The case of Zhuanqiao paper-cut
  Marcelo Zhao Li Yan, Brazil


Emotional design: Affective evaluation methods to assess the emotional response of 6-11 years children
  Ester Iacono, Claudia Becchimanzi, Alessia Brischetto, Italy


Design method of personalized HMI for automobile dashboard
  Zilu Chen, Bo Liu, China


SESSION 59 Systemic-Structural Activity Theory CN AHFE 14: Madison 2

Chair:  Inna Bedny, USA
Application of ExpressDecision2 in user-centered and shared-with-expert decisions under risk and uncertainty
  Alexander M. Yemelyanov, Rahul Sukumaran, Alina Yemelyanov, USA

Tues July 26
The psyche of “self” in students’ systemic and structural interaction with online teaching-learning platforms
  Mohammed Aminu Sanda, Ghana

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Surgeon’s performance: Analogy with aircraft pilot’s challenges
  Ephraim Suhir, Inna Bedny, USA


Modelling and simulation with biofeedback for operators of human-machine systems
  Oleg Zhvalevsky, Sergey Roudnitsky, Russia


Assertiveness in the system of behavioral strategies of the modern youth
  Larysa Zhuravlova, Inna Bedny, Vitaliya Luchkiv, Liubov Pomytkina, Iryna Grechukha, Natalia Muzhanova, Ukraine


Rationale and application of express algorithms for mental health assessment in professional selection and screening examinations
  Sergey Lytaev, Russia


SESSION 60 Design Research Through Complex Scenarios and Complex Products I ED AHFE 15: Madison 3

Chair:  Tiantian Li, China
Intelligent cabin innovation through user-behavior card sorting co-creation workshop
  Zhongjie Xue, Danhua Zhao, China

Tues July 26
User's emotional feedback to automobile cabin's dynamic colored light
  Yan Wang, Danhua Zhao, China

14:30-16:00 (EDT)
Toward adaptive trust management for human-automation teaming using an instance-based learning cognitive model
  Wen-Li Dong, Wei-Ning Fang, Bei-yuan Guo, Jian-xin Wang, Hai-feng Bao, China


Employing synesthesia-based warnings to enhance road safety during an automated driving
  Liang Zhuo, Danhua Zhao, China 


How will the smart cockpits develop and facilitate a more social space in the possible, emerging, future business models of ownership?
  Bingquan Wang, Danhua Zhao, China


Design innovation based on classification model of intelligent products
  Zhongjie Xue, Danhua Zhao, China


Virtual models of architectural spaces: methods for exploration, representation and interaction through narratives and visual grammars
  Carlos Manuel Figueiredo, Sofia Machado Santos, Portugal


Tuesday, July 26, 2022    

16:30-18:00 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 61 Safety Culture and Human Factors SMHF AHFE 1: Chelsea

Co-Chairs: Anne Garcia and Frank Guldenmund, USA/Netherlands
Towards an action-oriented safety culture maturity scale
  Barry Kirwan, France

Tues July 26
Construction and evaluation of influencing factor evaluation system model for campus safety awareness
  Hang Shang, Weifu Wang, Ming Zhao, China

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Effectiveness and impact of new employee orientation
  Lu Yuan, Chris Newton, USA


Reactor type and site-based different safety culture precursor analysis for incidents in nuclear power plants
  Wooseok Jo, Seung jun Lee, Byung Joo Min, South Korea


Learning from speaking up by learning to speak up
  Dimmy Van Dongen, Frank Guldenmund, Jop Groeneweg, Irene Grossmann, Peter Roelofsma, Nienke Luijcks, Netherlands


Adaptive shared mental models for medical teams
Gülay Canbaloğlu, Laila Van Ments, Jan Treur, Jan Klein, Peter H.M.P. Roelofsma, Netherlands


Exploring the meaning of safety in the context of health care
  Frank Guldenmund, Jop Groeneweg, Irene Grossmann, Peter Roelofsma, Dimmy Van Dongen, Nienke Luijcks, Netherlands


How petrochemical industry survive in post-COVID-19: A STAMP-based system science research & recommendations for large-scale sociotechnical systems
  Wei Dai, Zhiqian Hu, Biwen He, China/UK

SESSION 62 Ergonomic Risk Assessment Methods and Techniques PEHF AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs: Alessio Silvetti and Francesco Lolli, Italy
Comparing semiautomatic Rapid Upper Limb Assessments (RULA): Azure Kinect versus RGB-based machine vision algorithm
  Antonio Maria Coruzzolo, Francesco Lolli, Nazareno Amicosante, Hrishikesh Kumar, Pramod Thupaki, Saurav Agarwal, Italy

Tues July 26   Prediction of muscle fatigue during dynamic exercises based on surface electromyography signals using Gaussian classifier
  Yeok Tatt Cheah, Ka Wing Frances Wan, Joanne Yip, Hong Kong

16:30-18:00 (EDT)   Musculoskeletal pain and psychosocial factors to predict car crash involvement
  Rachel Shichrur, Navah Ratzon, Israel


  Integrating sEMG into NIOSH protocol: A manual material handling risk assessment in the fruit and vegetable department of a supermarket
  Alessio Silvetti, Alberto Ranavolo, Giorgia Chini, Tiwana Varrecchia, Antonella Tatarelli, Lorenzo Fiori, Adriano Papale, Ari Fiorelli, Francesco Draicchio, Italy


  Quantitative and qualitative workload assessment in steep terrain forest operations: Fostering a safer work environment through carriage automation
  Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo, Norway


SESSION 63 Methods and Future Technologies in Transportation RR AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Co-Chairs:  Takahisa Nakamura and Philip Joisten, Japan/Germany
Effectiveness of bollards in deterring pedestrians from running into the roadway
  Takahisa Nakamura, Yohsuke Yoshioka, Japan

Tues July 26
Crowdsourced assessment of 227 text-based eHMIs for a crossing scenario
  Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Dimitra Sodou, Joost de Winter, Netherlands

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Pedestrians’ crossing decisions while interacting with automated vehicles – insights from a longitudinal study
  Philip Joisten, Nina Theobald, Bettina Abendroth, Germany


Visual dictionary of human action in vehicular environment using computer vision
  Abhijit Sarkar, USA


Acceptance of app based interaction between automated micro vehicles (AMV) and their users
  Vivian Lotz, Eva-Maria Schomakers, Martina Ziefle, Germany


A primer on the human readiness level scale (ANSI/HFES 400-2021)
  Kelly Steelman, Holly Handley, USA


Task modelling and model validation for car driving
  David Käthner, Anja Katharina Huemer, Klas Arne Ihme, Meike Jipp, Germany


SESSION 64 Human Factors, Business Management and Efficiency SOE AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Co-Chairs:  Henrijs Kalkis and Zenija Roja, Latvia
Application of information technologies for social inclusion: Current trends and future prospective
  Biruta Sloka, Ieva Brence, Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia

Tues July 26
Occupational health and safety and sustainable return to work management in small and medium-sized enterprises
  Iuliana Nastasia, Romain Rives, Canada

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Comparative analyses of construction classification systems in a context of benefits, challenges and required resources
  Martins Danusevics, Liga Braslina, Anda Batraga, Daina Šķiltere, Jelena Salkovska, Aija Legzdina, Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia


Specific marketing capabilities for improved export performance in young firms
  Ieva Puke, Anda Batraga, Jelena Salkovska, Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia


Possibilities of using lean and efficiency improvement methodologies in service area
  Svetlana Kocerova, Henrijs Kalkis, Zenija Roja, Latvia


The futuristic building industry: Updating skills-set required for digital transformation
  Olushola Akinshipe, John Aliu, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa


Digital transformation in quantity surveying: Where lies the issues?
  Olushola Akinshipe, Matthew Ikuabe, Clinton Aigbavboa, South Africa


SESSION 65 Ergonomics in Architecture III SUPI AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Chair: Marta Rudnicka-Bogusz, Poland
A comparison of physical environmental design/assessment methods in elderly care facilities between UK and China
Chenran Li, Jiangtao Du, UK

Tues July 26
A systematic review of investigations into the physical environmental qualities in Chinese elderly care facilities
  Chenran Li, Jiangtao Du, Haniyeh Mohammadpourkarbasi, UK

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Standardization and innovation in military housing, leisure homes and public buildings in the interwar period Poland
  Marta Rudnicka-Bogusz, Poland


A survey of the association between perceived environmental qualities and students’ satisfaction in Chinese high schools
  Yong He, Xi Zhang, Qianchen Guo, Jiangtao Du, China


The interaction between culture and nature in the architecture of eco-cultural tourism development at Koh Kong Province, Cambodia
  Panha Ken, Cambodia


University high-end equipment dynamic and control team laboratory space remodeling design
  Tingyu Yang, Qian Ji, China


SESSION 66 Usability and User Experience Applications III UUE AHFE 6: Bowery

Co-Chairs:  Xiuling Wang and Xiyan Dai, China
Influence mechanism of air humidifier product color and shape on user preference based on eye tracking
  Huai Cao, Xiuling Wang, Kaixuan He, China

Tues July 26
Investigating on preferred listening levels when using noise-canceling headphones among graduate students
  Xiyan Dai, Yu-chi Lee, China

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Understanding the user experience of battery electric vehicles: A perspective based on big data text mining Techniques
  Quan Gu, Zhang Jie, Yue Cui, Ying Zhang, Shengqing Huang, China


The use of physiological measurement for user experience assessment: A bibliometric analysis
  Ran Guo, Yi Ding, Yaqin Cao, China


Voice interaction design of intelligent wearable device for elderly exercise and health scene
  Li Yijun, Hui Zhang, China 


User centered design and evaluation of an artificial intelligence based process recommender system in textile engineering
  Florian Brillowski, Luisa Vervier, Thomas Schemmer, Philipp Brauner, Thomas Gries, Martina Ziefle, Germany


Usability of human-robot interaction within textile production:  Insights into the acceptance of different collaboration types
  Hannah Dammers, Luisa Vervier, Lukas Mittelviefhaus, Philipp Brauner, Martina Ziefle, Thomas Gries, Germany


Anxiety level among industrial engineering students in virtual learning
  Cesar Corrales, Jonatan Rojas, Wilmer Atoche, Peru


SESSION 67 Technologies to Support OSH and Wellbeing in the Workplace SYSI AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Co-Chair:  Maria Pateraki, Georgios Athanassiou and Adria Mallol-Ragolta, Greece/Germany
A micro-moment recommendation framework in industrial environments
  Michail Maniadakis, Iraklis Varlamis, Georgios Athanassiou, Greece

Tues July 26
Automatic assessment of posture deviations in assembly tasks
  Konstantinos Papoutsakis, Manolis Lourakis, Maria Pateraki, Greece

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Computer vision for increasing safety in container handling operations
  Manolis Lourakis, Maria Pateraki, Greece


Time series representation using TS2Vec on smartwatch sensor data for fatigue estimation
  Adria Mallol-Ragolta, Michail Maniadakis, George Papadopoulos, Bjoern Schuller, Germany


Instrumenting the human into safety 4.0
  Saed Amer, Ravindra Goonetilleke, Ahmad Mayyas, UAE


SESSION 68 Digital Business Transformation and Change Leadership II HFBMS AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs:  Jonny O'Dwyer and Tapani Honkanen, Ireland/Finland
The use of artificial intelligence in job seeking and competence development
  Markko Liutkevicius, Sadok Ben Yahia, Estonia

Tues July 26
Multidisciplinary teamwork in machine learning operations (MLOps)
  Tapani Honkanen, Jonny O'Dwyer, Vesa Salminen, Finland

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Change of education and training business in the age of 5G
  Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä, Heikki Ruohomaa, Vesa Salminen, Finland


Influence of content-oriented information management activities on the creation of national memory
  Karin Oolu, Ingrid Pappel, Estonia


Relations of different features in time management:  Procrastination
  Tero Reunanen, Finland


Consumer behavior in product disposal: Mapping the field
  Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas, Ekaterina Zabelina, Olga Deyneka, Carlos Ramos, Andrés Palacio Fierro, Ecuador


Establishing a student-community book club for civic engagement
  Frank Lorne, Jamel Vanderburg, Aanchal Sharma, Jaan Malik, Kitti Sandhu, Siva Sateesh Pitchuka, Anvitha Satti, Pooja Telagu, Rishabh Neb, Reshwanth Reddy Kota, Ganesh Reddy Bollapu, USA


SESSION 69 Robotic Systems and Users for Social Interactions HFRDUS AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs:  Yiannis Koumpouros and Jérôme Dinet, Greece/Germany
Assessment of an intelligent robotic rehabilitation assistant
  Yiannis Koumpouros, Alexandra Karavasili, Petros Maragos, Costas Tzafestas, Evita - Stavroula Fotinea, Eleni Efthimiou, Nikos Papastamatiou, Alexandros Nikolakakis, Effie Papageorgiou, Greece

Tues July 26   Effects of social cues on robot’s gaze and head rotation on users’ perception
  Jia Xiaoyu, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan

16:30-18:00 (EDT)   Application of robots for enhancing social presence in remote communication scenarios
  Chun-wei Hsu, Chien-Hsu Chen, Taiwan


  "Would you be friends with a robot?:"  The impact of perceived autonomy and perceived risk
  Jérôme Dinet, France

    Design, development and assessment of a multipurpose robotic assistant in the field of cognitive therapy
  Jonnathan Santiago Berrezueta Guzman, Stephan Krusche, Luis Serpa-Andrade, Germany

    Integration of human factors in an automated driving supervision system
  Jordan Scoliege, Jessy Barre, Philippe Cabon, France 


SESSION 70 Product Design for Inclusion DI AHFE 10: Gramercy

Co-Chairs:  Giuseppe Mincolelli and Antonio Marano, Italy
PLEINAIR project: Participatory methodologies to validate and integrate product concepts with young users
  Giuseppe Mincolelli, Gian Andrea Giacobone, Michele Marchi, Italy

Tues July 26
Inclusive autonomous vehicle interior design (IAVID) platform
  Elena Angeleska, Marija Sidorenko, Sofija Sidorenko, Paolo Pretto, Macedonia

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Genderless fashion design: From binary fashion to bio-segmentation. Body biotypes and somatotypes as main bases to inclusive fashion design
  Maria João Pereira Neto, Maria Inês Leal, Portugal


Design of a devices’ system  with tangible interface aimed to an inclusive smart working experience and wellbeing
  Davide Di Bella, Kiana Kianfar, Alessandra Rinaldi, Italy


In-vehicles interfaces development and elderly habits: A possible encounter
  Filippo Petrocchi, Gian Andrea Giacobone, Giuseppe Mincolelli, Italy


Dynamic worktop for highly inclusive kitchens: Design for All (DfA) solution for product innovation in the kitchen furniture’s area
  Antonio Marano, Ivo Spitilli, Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Italy


SESSION 71 Approaches and Methodologies in Design Field HDCS AHFE 11: Madison Square

Chair:  Cátia Rijo, Portugal
Integrated pedagogy model for training the XXIst century designer
  Javier Anton, Victor Larripa, Spain

Tues July 26
Human-centered design since the degree kickoff: From alumni experience to designer and user experience
  Juan Roquette, Fernando Alonso, Pilar Salazar, Spain

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Design in-between knowledge, cultures, identities, and territories
  Carla Paoliello, Portugal


Mapping of graphic-semantic representations:  Bisar an emotional brand
  Cátia Rijo, Vera Barradas, Mariana Dias, Portugal


Identity design: A procedural approach for the ideation, construction, and analysis of logos
  Rodrigo Morais, Jo Ribeiro, Portugal


SESSION 72 Exploring Collaborations Using Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence in User Experience, and Service Design in the Metaverse HSSE AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Co-Chairs: Laura Huisinga and Joshua Ian Robles, USA
User experience of social web-based virtual reality for the hybrid and blended learning classroom
  Laura Huisinga, USA

Tues July 26   Building better community: A you-centralized experience
  Glenn Terpstra, USA

16:30-18:00 (EDT)   Immersive AR landmark-based campus wayfinding solution with focus on people with navigation difficulties
  Zahrasadat Golestanha, Debra Satterfield, USA

    Implicit bias in UX research methods
  Nathaniel Pereira, USA

    Potentials of a metaverse for smart-service-engineering
  Jens Neuhüttler, Philipp Christel, Truong Le, Günter Wenzel, Antonio Ardilio, Germany

    Co-creation in the metaverse towards better mental health
  Joshua Ian Robles, USA


SESSION 73 Creative Technology and Media Application CTDM AHFE 13: Madison 1

Chair:  Amic G. Ho, USA
Visual attention, memory and persuasion of recycling advertisements among Chinese university students
  Betty Wai Sang Siu, Bing Xiao, China

Tues July 26
The effectiveness of amazon headphone video advertising based on time series analysis
  Yuting Cai, Zhengqing Jiang, China

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
The future prospect of dynamic poster design in the context of new media
  Ding Wei, Fan Wenqin, China


Paradoxes in typeface design for creating new digital design experience
  Amic Ho, Hong Kong


Application of Art-Tech in visual experience
  Amic Ho, Hong Kong


Citizen-driven innovation in smart city governance - A comparative case study of Boston and Singapore
  Yichen Meng, Liying Huang, Peng Xu, China


SESSION 74 Artificial Intelligence - Utilization and Innovation AISC AHFE 14: Madison 2

Co-Chairs:  Fabrizio Palmas and Kimberly Glasgow, Germany/USA
Won’t you see my neighbor? User predictions, mental models, and similarity-based explanations of AI classifiers
  Kimberly Glasgow, Jonathon Kopecky, John Gersh, Adam Crego, USA

Tues July 26
Using artificial intelligence to improve human performance: A predictive management strategy
  Fabrizio Palmas, Germany

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
Applying data clustering algorithms to make predictions about retention and graduation rates at HBCUS
  Demetria White, Tor Kwembe, USA


Robust AI for accident diagnosis of nuclear power plants using meta-learning
  Deail Lee, Heejae Lee, Jonghyun Kim, South Korea


Detection of inappropriate images on smartphones based on computer vision techniques
  Daisy Imbaquingo, Macarthur Ortega-Bustamante, José Jácome, Tatyana Saltos-Echeverria, Roger Vaca, Ecuador


Econometric modeling for the management and decomposition of financial risk
  Rolando Rubilar Torrealba, Karime Chahuán Jiménez, Hanns De la Fuente-Mella, Chile


SESSION 75 Fashion and Apparel Design  HFATE AHFE 15: Madison 3

Co-Chairs: Carla Morais and Theresa Lobo, Portugal/USA
Investigating the factors affecting the thermal and tactile comfort of summer undergarments
  Kapo Lee, Joanne Yip, Kit Lun Yick, Hong Kong

Tues July 26
Adapting Jane Austen to the screen: Fashion and costume in Autumn de Wilde’s movie "Emma"
  Carlos Manuel Figueiredo, Ana Rafaela Diogo, Joana André Leite, Portugal

16:30-18:00 (EDT)
New skills for new designers: Fashion and textiles
  Gianni Montagna, Maria Delgado, Isabel Duarte de Almeida, Luís Santos, Portugal  


Fashion design and fashion technology courses: Practical skills in patterns making, garment manufacturing techniques, technologies, and applications for fashion industry
  Marta Bicho, Madalena Pereira, Nuno Belino, Rui Miguel, Portugal


STVgoDigital Project: The contribution of industry and scientific and technological system for fashion ecosystem digitalization
  Maria Madalena Pereira, João Nuno Oliveira, João Oliveira, Rui Miguel, José Morgado, Manuel Pereira, Manuel Gonçalves, João Barata, Portugal


Design of tread patterns for use with novel composite outsole materials for slip-resistant footwear
  Shaghayegh Bagheri, Kunal Gide, Tilak Dutta, USA


Improving the apparel virtual size fitting prediction under psychographic characteristic and 3D Body measurements using artificial neural network
  Ah Pun Chan, Wai Ching Chu, Kwan Yu Lo, Kai Yuen Cheong, Hong Kong


Wednesday, July 27, 2022    

8:00-9:30 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 76 Sensory Engineering and Emotion APD AHFE 1: Chelsea

Co-Chairs:  Keiichi Watanuki and Shohei Tawata, Japan
Automatic generation of AI-based cancer pathology data and highly accurate colorectal cancer pathology diagnosis support
  Keiichi Watanuki, Tetsuhiro Suzuki, Yusuke Osawa, Kazunori Kaede, Shinsuke Kazama, Japan

Wed July 27
Prediction of health screening data with personal uncertainty using Bayesian neural networks
  Yusuke Osawa, Shohei Tawata, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Japan

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Time-series segmentation based on video images of cutting operations with a lathe in virtual reality space
  Shohei Tawata, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Japan


Evaluation of the effects of AC magnetic field exposure on muscle fatigue using surface electromyography
  Kosuke Okano, Hideyuki  Okano, Hiromi  Ishiwatari, Keiichi Watanuki, Japan


Fractal analysis of beauty and ugliness of paintings in western art history from the viewpoint of differences in art study history
  Tomofumi Sakata, Keiichi Watanuki, Japan


SESSION 77 Culture and Satisfaction CCDM AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs:  Atsuo Murata and Toshihisa Doi, Japan
Interactions of job satisfaction with personality could avoid emotional exhaustion among customer service employees
  Noriko Okabe, Japan

Wed July 27
Identifying satisfaction factors in long-term use of digital products for young Japanese consumers
  Toshihisa Doi, Atsuo Murata, Japan

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Computational models of American foreign strategy in a COVID-stricken Venezuela
  Joseph Klein, Jorge Guerra, USA


Finnish firms and the employment of foreign workers
  Afnan Zafar, Marja Ahola, Finland


Influence of Japanese medical trainees’ multiple study abroad experiences in the US: A female-male comparison of empathy
  Chihiro Tajima, Michael Fetters, Allison Furgal, Japan


The autonomy of cultural inheritance and innovation from the process of Venus' Ideological Development
  Ding Dianfan, China


Cross-cultural management of Chinese traditional theatre industry based on Broadway operation model
  Xilin Chen, Tao Xi, China


SESSION 78 Monitoring Physician or Patient in Medical Operations CN AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Co-Chairs: Angela Harrivel and Ran Yang, USA
Experimental design of a video laryngoscope employing a convolutional neural network to aid endotracheal intubation procedures in remote areas
  Ran Yang, USA

Wed July 27
Human monitoring for medical operator assistance
  Angela Harrivel, Saeideh Samani, Rania Ghatas, USA

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Wearable cerebral oximetry for continuous crew monitoring
  Casey Boutwell, Jason Strohmaier, William D. Smith, Laura A. Hawthorn, Thibault Roumengous, USA


How autonomous intelligent systems can facilitate earth-independent medical care:  Going beyond telepresence
  Saeideh Samani, Angela Harrivel, S. Farokh Atashzar, USA


Clinical decision support on Mars
  Barbara Burian, Michael Krihak, Brandon Schmitt, David Pletcher, Kara Martin, Dennis Beaugrand, Jeremy Noel, Melissa Lyons, Bettina Beard, Benjamin Easter, Shean Phelps, USA


SESSION 79 Design Research Through Complex Scenarios and Complex Products  II ED AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Chair:  Tiantian Li, China
Design for product-service system innovation of the new fresh retail in the context of Chinese urban community
  Ke Ma, Ren-ke He, Meng Gao, China

Wed July 27
Interactive animation design of Egyptian totem elements under the digital media technology
  Qiaoling Zeng, Mingu Lee, Juhyun Eune, South Korea

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Morphological representation framework and feature cognitive mechanism of automobile styling stance: An embodied cognition perspective
  Tiantian Li, Ziyou Song, Xuguang Zhu, China


Experience and interaction - application of audiovisual synesthesia in interactive devices
  Jian Zhou, China


Interface design of three-dimensional virtual teaching situation based on psychological schema theory
  Zhengtang Tan, Xiangyu Yao, Zhu Yi, Meizhen Den, China


Innovative exploration of a new air health product based on analytic hierarchy process
  Miao Liu, Loufei Zhang, China


Food packaging design that help reduce consumer-generated waste
  Alberto Rossa-Sierra, Fabiola Cortes Chavez, Marcela De Obaldia, Mariel Garcia-Hernandez, Mexico


SESSION 80 Automation, Digitalization in Maritime Operations MAR AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Co-Chairs: Gesa Praetorius and Charlott Sellberg, Sweden
Digitalization transformation and its challenges in shipping operation: The case of seafarer’s cognitive human factor
  Gholam Reza Emad, Mehrangiz Shahbakhsh, Australia

Wed July 27
Remote monitoring of autonomous ships: quickly getting into the loop display (QGILD)
  Thomas Porathe, Norway

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Mixed traffic scenarios - challenges for VTS operators to ensure safe and efficient vessel traffic flow in the future
  Michael Baldauf, Momoko Kitada, Lisa Loloma Froholdt, Germany


Implementing operational envelopes for improved resilience of autonomous maritime transport
  Kay Fjørtoft, Even Holte, Norway


The role of human operators in future shipping
  Johanna Larsson, Gesa Praetorius, Sweden


SESSION 81 Advanced Technology and Engineering in Safety Management SMHF AHFE 6: Bowery

Co-Chairs: Anne Garcia and Marta Sousa, USA/Portugal
Resilience engineering's promise and potential
  Christopher Nemeth, USA

Wed July 27
Assessment of the effectiveness and safety of exoskeletons in industrial workplaces
  Hana Pacaiova, Daniela Onofrejova, Slovakia

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Assessing occupational exposure to ultrafine particles during metal 3D Printing
  Marta Sousa, Pedro Arezes, Francisco Silva, Portugal


"sWafety": Low threshold involvement of personnel into safety management
  Toni Waefler, Sandra Schenkel, Dominique Kuster, Matthias Reimann, Michael Holzapfel, Switzerland


Conducive design for safety in modular plants
 Florian Pelzer, Anselm Klose, Jens R. Helmert, Leon Urbas, Sebastian Pannasch, Germany


Analysis of pre-evacuation time and EEG for fire alarm when wearing ANC earphones
  Ji Won Gu, Ji-hoon Hwang, Ryun-seok Oh, Jun-ho Choi, South Korea


Multimodal haptics perception of underwater flow for scuba diving safety training
  Kazuma Shirakawa, Daigo Misaki, Japan


SESSION 82 Human Factors Considerations for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure RR AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Chair:  Katherine Plant, UK
Systematic and user-oriented development of physical interface for vehicle ultrafast charging
  Alexander Mueller, Simon Buck, Fabian Schmiel, Lampros Tsolakidis, Germany

Wed July 27
Human factors and political price regulations to enhance electric vehicle miles traveled     
  Margarita Gutjar, Matthias Kowald, Germany

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
New cars on the block - The impact of public charging infrastructure on BEV ownership
  Ralf Philipsen, Hannah Biermann, Martina Ziefle, Germany


Micromobility: challenges and prospects for electric mobility devices (EMDS) in Hong Kong
  Richard Lukenge, Kin Wai Michael Siu, Sylvia Liu, Zi Yang, Hong Kong


Evaluating the risk perception abilities of e-scooter riders in urban environments
  Avinoam Borowsky, Yisrael Parmet, Anat Meir, Israel


SESSION 83 Public Transportation  RR AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs:  Anabela Simoes and Chantal Lidynia, Portugal/Germany
Passengers’ perception on Bus Rapid Transit access: Case study of Ikorodu-Mile 12 corridor of Lagos State, Nigeria
  Oriyomi Akinyemi, Oluwole Soyinka, Hong Kong

Wed July 27
User experience of an automated on-demand shuttle service in public transportation
  Hüseyin Avsar, Michael Böhm, Annika Dreßler, Markus Fischer, Ulrike Steinberger, Germany

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Research needs for a quality service assessment model of inclusive community transport
  Anabela Simoes, Ling Suen, Portugal


Paving the way to autonomy – influencing factors for the acceptance of autonomously operating transportation services in rural Germany
  Chantal Lidynia, Gian Luca Liehner, Martina Ziefle, Germany


Mobility for everyone - a matrix-based approach to ensure accessibility of public transport
  Jan Grippenkoven, Alexandra König, Germany


Barriers to the adoption of smart transport technologies in South Africa: Gleaning into what literature reveals and hides for planning and policy
  James Chakwizira, South Africa


SESSION 84 Physical Ergonomics and Work-Related Issues SOE AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs: Zenija Roja and Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia
Muscle fatigue for the health staff in hospital operating unit
  Zenija Roja, Patricija Freiberga, Henrijs Kalkis, Latvia

Wed July 27
Methodology of ergonomic evaluation in construction and building works
  Cesar Corrales, Dennis Romero, Peru

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Occupational and health factors in the risk of professional dropping out among women over 45
  Sandrine Guyot, France


Ergonomic risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome among designers
  Kodsiah Mohd Juzad, Shamsul Bahri Mohd Tamrin, Rozanah Ab Rahman, Ng Yee Guan, Nurul Atikah Che Hasan, Malaysia


Evaluation models of muscle fatigue recovery for demolishing tasks
  Cannan Yi, Hong Hu, Jiayuan He, Fan Tang, Kaiway Li, Yanfang Zheng, Huali Zuo, China


Physical and mental occupational ergonomics risk factors among paramedics
  Sean Banaee, Konstantin Cigularov, Anna Jeng, USA


Ergonomic risk in nurses and caregivers due to patient care and mobilization in senior centers
  Albeiro  Aguilar Olivera, Maye Catalina Neira Cardenas, Colombia


SESSION 85 Usability Evaluation UUE AHFE 10: Gramercy

Co-Chairs:  Denise Sogemeier and Ismail Abdul Rahman, Germany/Malaysia
A global questionnaire? An international comparison of the system usability scale in the context of an infotainment system
  Denise Sogemeier, Alexandra Loew, Sarah Kulessa, Yannick Forster, Frederik Naujoks, Andreas Keinath, Germany

Wed July 27
Heuristic evaluation of public service Chatbots
  Stephan Raimer, Marleen Vanhauer, Germany

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
The evaluation of worker satisfaction on usability of manual material handling equipment among manufacturing warehouse workers in Malaysia
  Ismail Abdul Rahman, Malaysia


Usability evaluation of mobile navigation for the elderly
  Xiaodong Gong, Zekun Wang, Qian Gong, Huiran Xie, China


Product style preference:  An image-based user study software concept
  Pengyu Du, Kin Wai Michael Siu, Yi-Teng Shih, China


E-Democracy and accessibility: Challenges in the Ecuadorian presidential elections of 2021 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic
  Hugo Arias-Flores, Sandra Sanchez-Gordon, Tania Calle-Jimenez, Ecuador


Examining the role of AR/VR technologies in improving usability & user experience in retail leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty
  Shikha Gupta, India


SESSION 86 Vulnerable Road-User Safety, Haptic Interfaces and Technological Interventions SYSI AHFE 11: Madison Square

Co-Chairs:  Shuchisnigdha Deb and Anurag Pande, USA
Identification of potential warning signals for a smartphone-based bicyclist assistant system
  Anika Rimu, Rachael Panik, Srinivasan Murali, Kari Watkins, Ming Li, Shuchisnigdha Deb, USA

Wed July 27
A virtual reality program to improve child pedestrians’ safety at street-crossing scenarios
  Taufiq Rahman, Bryan De Santiago, Anika Rimu, Shuchisnigdha Deb, Anurag Pande, Mouyid Islam, USA

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
How to design traffic infrastructure to support cyclists' interaction with autonomous vehicles: Teenage cyclists’ perceptions
  Obiageli Lawrentia Ngwu, Shuchisnigdha Deb, USA


Vibration perception thresholds on the five fingers of the human right hand among an adult population
  Emanuel Silva, Rosane Sampaio, Lisandra Teixeira, Nélson Costa, Portugal


Minimum hand haptic perception thresholds
  Emanuel Silva, José Grilo, Tiago Matias, Rui Gomes, Adriano Carvalho, Paulo Cardoso, Nelson Costa, Portugal


Haptic interface to enable two-wheeled swarming for prioritized mobility in smart cities
  Juan Salamanca, Sandra Cespedes USA


PowerMount: A proposed design for motorcycle phone holder to ensure style, safety, security, and sustainability
  Alma Maria Jennifer Gutierrez, Mary Joyce Bicalan, Chris John Castor, Atreus Datuin, Anjelo Maquinay, Joanna Marie Realon, Jayson Saligao, Philippines


SESSION 87 Teaching/Learning Interaction TELS AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Co-Chairs: Diana Paola Moreno Alarcon and Xiyu Wang, France/China
State program for youth worker - an innovative form for training specialists about youth work
  Nataliia Levchenko, Nataliia Koliada, Olena Baldyniuk, Iryna Karpych, Olha Boiko, Yuliya Klymenko, Ukraine

Wed July 27
Fogg behavior model for children's sex education
  Xiyu Wang, Li Xu, China

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Co-development approach integrating training into the design process
  Diana Paola Moreno Alarcon, Corinne Bieder, France


Development of a method to visualize the approximate synchronization ratio of a teaching material clickstream in class
  Konomu Dobashi, Japan


The new paradigm for teaching design: A reflection on innovation in materials teaching in the “online season”
  Alexandra Luis, Portugal


“Industry-university-research" collaborative innovative compound talent evaluation system design study and application
  Yonghong Liu, Yanlin Yin, Keyan Lin, Yiming Song, Siyue Lin, China


SESSION 88 Design Communication II:  Creative Studies HFCD AHFE 13: Madison 1

Chair: Amic Ho, Hong Kong
Design a visual communication platform for curators and artists to curate an exhibition remotely
  Yi Pei Wu, Taiwan

Wed July 27
Exploring the concept of design thinker in western and Chinese contexts
  Yating Li, Henry Ma, Hong Kong

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Disruptive Innovations in cinematic storytelling from 2D to 3D
  David Yip, Hong Kong


Between passive viewing and active choosing in storytelling
  David Yip, Hong Kong


New pedagogical practices of co-creation applied to design
  João Neves, Daniel Raposo, Nuno Martins, Daniel Brandão, Portugal


Design and art: An important contribution for the design studies
  Theresa Lobo, USA


SESSION 89 Innovation in Additive Manufacturing Sector AMMSP AHFE 14: Madison 2

Co-Chairs: Stefano Filippi and Ciro Rodriguez, Italy/Mexico
Generative design and 3D printing to develop a hi-tech Cartesian cutting machine for non-metallic materials
  Stefano Filippi, Franco Zuliani, Francisco Daniel Montoya Buteler, Italy

Wed July 27
Development of an information model for the pre-process of additive manufacturing
  Fabian Arnold, Slim Krückemeier, Reiner Anderl, Germany

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
Design and manufacturing considerations of a constant-force mechanism for low force regimes
  Andrei Alexandru Popa, Olgierd Krzysztof Nowakowski, Andreas Holmetoft Lyder, Lars Duggen, Denmark


Fatigue life improvement in laser powder bed fusion of stainless steel via electropolishing
  Fernando Vazquez-Castro, Erika Garcia-Lopez, Jesus Sandoval-Robles, Elisa Vazquez, Omar Lopez-Botello, Ciro Rodriguez, Mexico


SESSION 90 Design and Identity for Territories HDCS AHFE 15: Madison 3

Chair: Vera Barradas, Portugal
Color as a distinctive element of the territories
  Vera Barradas, Ana Loures, Luis Loures, José Silveira Dias, Victoria Carrillo Durán, Portugal

Wed July 27
Co-design as a tool to improve our cities
  Vera Barradas, Cátia Rijo, Portugal

8:00-9:30 (EDT)
The creation of the identity for the territory themes:  The international congress SD2021 as case study
  Vera Barradas, Cátia Rijo, Portugal


Design thinking a methodological approach in design process: "3 seeds" as a case study
  Cátia Rijo, Vera Barradas, Carolina Galegos, Patricia Pombo, Portugal


Wednesday, July 27, 2022    

10:00-11:30 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 91 Creating Value in Teams, Organizations, Communities, and Societies I HSSE AHFE 1: Chelsea

Co-Chairs: Youji Kohda and Yasunobu Ito, Japan
Applying nudges to Nemawashi:  Consensus-building without losing diversity
  Nikka Ko, Youji Kohda, Naoshi Uchihira, Japan

Wed July 27   Empowering futures literacy through a knowledge-based service innovation workshop
Porruthai Boonswasd, Kunio Shirahada, Japan

10:00-11:30 (EDT)   Maritime engine room resource management extended to remote members onshore:  Conceptual model using internet of everything (IoE)
  Moritaro Inoue, Naoshi Uchihira, Japan

    Changes in the relationship between medical professionals mediated by an information tool: An ethnography of team medicine in Japan
  Hiromi Yamaguchi, Yasunobu Ito, Japan

    The invisible work and its value of outpatient nurses: A case study of an internal medicine clinic in Fukuoka, Japan
  Yaeko Kawaguchi, Yasunobu Ito, Japan

    Conceptual change in human-centered design by artificial intelligence system
  Masaya Ando, Yasunobu Ito, Japan


Predictive model establishment for the online shopping experience factors affecting repurchase intention using stepwise linear regression
  Jesselyn Alcain, Charlie Marquez, Lara Camille Beriña, Luke Samuel Bulaon, Jane Andrea Cheng, Gennes Erika Cruz, Philippines


SESSION 92 Design, Co-Creation and Innovation CIE AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs:  Tero Reunanen and Yan Luximon, Finland/Hong Kong
The use of metaverse in maritime sector – a combination of social communication, hands on experiencing and digital twins
  Mika Luimula, Timo Haavisto, Duy Vu Dinh Pham, Panagiotis Markopoulos, Jami Aho, Evangelos Markopoulos, Juha Saarinen, Finland

Wed July 27
Coworking spaces for startup companies: A comparative study in Istanbul
  Salih Ceylan, Mehmet Emre Arslan, Turkey

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Co-creation services boosting health technology potential – the case of Turku, Finland
  Tero Reunanen, Janne Lahtiranta, Elina Kontio, Finland


Infrared thermographic evaluation of facemasks
  Ameersing Luximon, Yan Luximon, Ravindra Goonetilleke, Hong Kong


Evaluation of systematically developed gamification strategies with game-balance simulation tools
  David Kessing, Manuel Löwer, Germany


SESSION 93 Healthcare Strategies and Design in Pandemic Control and Management DCPP AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Co-Chairs:  Michael Schwartz and Kevin Clark, USA
Pedestrian modeling for mitigation of disease transmission in a simulated university environment
  Michael Schwartz, Cortnee Stainrod, Irin Nizam, Tyler Mcfadden, USA

Wed July 27
Bulgarian public administration’s social media communications strategies during COVID-19 crisis
  Ivan Valchanov, Stella Angova, Maria Nikolova, Iliya Valkov, Violeta Zlatkova, Krassimira Valcheva, Boryana Marinkova, Bulgaria

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Service disruptions and recovery: lessons from the Chinese hotel industry for the post-COVID-19 era
  Zi Yang, Kin Wai Michael Siu, Yushan Huang, Hong Kong


COVID choices: Research and online system for main street decision making
  Kevin Clark, Jordan Louviere, Richard Carson, USA


Impact of globally fair COVID-19 vaccination: An analysis based on agent-based simulation
  Kashif Zia, Muhammad Shafi, Oman


SESSION 94 Cognitive Assessment and Physical Strain of First Responders and Action Forces CCIoT AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Co-Chairs: Milos Kostic and Lucas Paletta, Serbia/Austria
Design of the heart rate measurement module in a telemonitoring device for first responders deployed in extreme environments
  Tanja Boljanic, Matija Strbac, Jovana Malesevic, Vladimir Kojic, Nikola Topalovic, Goran Bijelic, Milos Kostic, Serbia

Wed July 27
Effect of exercise intensity and thermal strain on wildland firefighters' central nervous system fatigue
  Jose A. Rodríguez-Marroyo, Belén Carballo Leyenda, Pilar Sánchez Collado, David Suárez Iglesias, José G. Villa, Spain

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Evaluation of virtual reality-based first responder training under physiological and cognitive-emotional strain
  Lilian Reim, K Wolfgang Kallus, Martin Pszeida, Michael Schneeberger, Christian Schönauer, Andreas Peer, Richard Feischl, Georg Aumayr, Dietmar Wallner, Amir Dini, Anna Weber, Stefan Ladstätter, Alexander Almer, Lucas Paletta, Austria


First responder situation reporting in virtual reality training with evaluation of cognitive-emotional stress using psychophysiological measures
  Michael Schneeberger, Lucas Paletta, Austria


Specific load and stress modelling for military task forces based on real-time biosensor measurements and activity analysis
  Alexander Almer, Anna Weber, Lucas Paletta, Michael Schneeberger, Stefan Ladstätter, Julia Tschuden, Austria


SESSION 95 Emotional Engineering II APD AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Co-Chairs:  Keiichi Muramatsu and Yoshimasa Tawatsuji, Japan
A novel idea generation method: “SA Method”
  Atsushi Sakahara, Madoka Hasegawa, Atsushi Ito, Japan

Wed July 27
Technology and sensory stimuli as support for physical retail experience design
  Paulo Eduardo Hauqui Tonin, Elton Moura Nickel, Flávio Anthero Nunes Vianna dos Santos, Brazil

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Museum interactive space design from enactive perception perspective
  Tian Chong Qiao, Yihang Du, China


Environmental design of medical main street from the perspective of supportive design theory
  Zhu Siyi, Huifang Shang, Chuanshun Wang, China


AR experimental game design of children character based on Etymon Literacy Method
  Meng Xu, Bo Liu, Yue Shi, China


Design and evaluation of a device for ecological momentary assessment with workers in a garment factory
  Ana Correia de Barros, R Moutinho, Catarina Correia, Gonçalo Lemos, Carlos Resende, Liliana Cunha, Daniel Silva, Sarah Maggioli, Susana Brito Amorim, Portugal


Punch it baby! Exploring gestural interactions to reduce the emotion of anger for new car buyers
  Inwai Chan, Hanyuan Li, Zhengqing Peng, Bojuan Ren, Ruikang Wang, Yushan Wen, Xiaojian Wu, Fan Yang, Ruotong Zhang, Ningxin Zhao, Lu Wang, Wei Liu, China


SESSION 96 Applied Digital Anthropometry for Performance and Accommodation DHMAO AHFE 6: Bowery

Co-Chairs:  Hyegjoo Choi-Rokas and Han Kim, USA
Evaluation of face anthropometry for mask design
  Minji Yu, Linsey Griffin, William Durfee, USA

Wed July 27
Orthogonal curve analysis of human scalp shape
  Peng Li, USA

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Theoretical framework for the sizing of body armor plates to optimize fit
  Hyegjoo Choi-Rokas, Todd Garlie, K. Blake Mitchell, USA


A novel methodology for evaluating military teamwork and team marksmanship performance
  Peioneti Lam, John Christopher, Richard Goodenough, Jose Villa, K. Blake Mitchell, Victoria Bode, Stephanie Brown, USA


Modeling spacesuit-human interaction for injury risk identification
  Garima Gupta, Linh Vu, K. Han Kim, Sudhakar Rajulu, USA


SESSION 97 Interaction Design ED AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Co-Chairs:  Paulo Noriega and Francisco Rebelo
Development of teleoperation system for overhead handling cranes
  Zhefan Yu, Jianping Luo, Han Zhang, Ruotian Zhang, Seung Hee Lee, Japan

Wed July 27
Short video interaction design based on interactive ritual chain
  Yujia Gao, Mengfei Liu, China

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Fatigue, sleepiness and workload in train traffic controllers
  Paulo Noriega Machado, Rafael Nascimento, Francisco Rebelo, José Carvalhais, Teresa Cotrim, Elisangela Vilar, Portugal


Design of museum science popularization interactive installation based on embodied cognition theory
  Xinheng Song, Zhaolin Lu, China


Dynamic privacy hierarchical design to optimize the user experience of financial management
  Xiaoyun Jing, Junyao Fan, Yufei Liu, China


SESSION 98 Healthcare Advancement and Patient Safety EHMD AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs: Jay Kalra and Iván Dueñas Espín, Canada/Ecuador
Development of a web-based tool –The Score Bebé ®– for enhancing neonatal risk stratification: A nationwide retrospective study
  Luciana Armijos, Betzabé Tello, Carmenza Sevilla, Isaac Cano, Johanna Fonseca, Luis Vivas, María F. Rivadeneira, Ruth Jimbo, Xavier Sánchez, Nancy Santillán, Iván Dueñas Espín, Ecuador 

Wed July 27
Enhancing the quality and delivery of healthcare: A decade review of autopsy data
  Jay Kalra, Daniel Markewich, Zoher Rafid-Hamed, Patrick Seitzinger, Canada

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Immediate effects of posture correction girdle on adolescents with early scoliosis
  Pak Yiu Liu, Joanne Yip, Brian Chen, Lifang He, Jason Cheung, Kit Lun Yick, Sun Pui Ng, Hong Kong


Direct weighting interaction design of patient preferences for shared decision making in orthopaedic practice
  Ben Schooley, Akanksha Singh, Sarah Floyd, Stephan Pill, John Brooks, USA


Preliminary wear trial of anisotropic textile brace designed for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
  Hoi Yan Cheung, Joanne Yip, Kit Lun Yick, Sun Pui Ng, Hong Kong


Medical error disclosure: A quality perspective and ethical dilemma in healthcare delivery
   Jay Kalra, Zoher Rafid-Hamed, Lily Wiebe, Patrick Seitzinger, Canada


The human-centered precision health care system design based on lifestyle of the solitary elderly
  Kuo-Wei Su, Po-Chih Chiu, Taiwan


SESSION 99 Musculoskeletal Disorders and Physical Wellbeing PEHF AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs: Sang Choi and Zenija Roja, USA/Latvia
Promoting physical wellbeing in the workplace: Providing working adults with a tool to reduce their sedentary behavior
  Michal Adar, Renate De Bruin, David Keyson, Netherlands

Wed July 27   Assessment of risk factors of upper-limb musculoskeletal disorders in a fish processing industry
  Diogo Cunha dos Reis, Antônio Renato Pereira Moro, Brazil

10:00-11:30 (EDT)   Effect of different intervention methods on recovery of exercise-induced muscle fatigue
  Yiyang Chen, Zhanxun Dong, Zhang Xingqiang, China

    Physical, psychophysical and demographic changes require automated & autonomous machines & equipment (AAM&E) in construction
  Sang Choi, James G. Borchardt, USA

    Psychological conditions for the development of stress resistance in specialists of different age categories
  Oksana Kravchenko, Marina Mishchenko, Olena Soroka, Yulia Teptiuk, Oleksandr Safin, Olena Andrusyk, Oleksandr Timchenko, Vitalii Khrystenko, Ukraine

    The effects of flash frequency and amount of information in mitigating the effects of fatigue
  Xiaoyan Zhang, Hongjun Xue, China


SESSION 100 Driver Performance, Behaviour, and Physiology I RR AHFE 10: Gramercy

Co-Chairs:  Katharina Schuler and Yovela Murzello, Germany/Canada
Global changes to driver behavior amid COVID-19
  Siby Samuel, Yovela Murzello, Canada

Wed July 27
Driver situation awareness and cognitive workload effects of novel interchange configurations and associated signage
  Yunmei Liu, Kihyun Pyo, Christopher Cunningham, Thomas Chase, David Kaber, USA

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Distracted driving: exploring general deterrence theory and texting while driving among novice drivers
  Lemuria Carter, Maranda Mcbride, Australia


Investigating the influence of working memory processes on the box task combined with a detection response task
  Daniel Trommler, Tina Morgenstern, Cornelia Hollander, Ines Karl, Frederik Naujoks, Josef Krems, Andreas Keinath, Germany


Communication between drivers in a road bottleneck scenario
  Katharina Schuler, Laura Quante, Caroline Schießl, Matthias Beggiato, Georg Jahn, Germany


SESSION 101 Ergonomics in Urban Planning I  SUPI AHFE 11: Madison Square

Co-Chairs:  Mo Zhou and Caterina Anastasia, Poland/Portugal
Enhancing rural sustainable development and rural  innovation through adaptive design strategies
  Mo Zhou, Wojciech Bonenberg, Xia Wei, Ling Qi, Poland

Wed July 27
Design of rural public cultural activity space
  Siyi Wang, China

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Water as a project material: Designing the Tagus Estuary Riparian Limits   
  Caterina Anastasia, Portugal


Influence of soundscape in the experience of an urban area: A case study in Rome
  Francesco Aletta, Francesco Asdrubali, Maria Rosaria De Blasiis, Luca Evangelisti, Claudia Guattari, Italy


Opportunities and challenges of citizen participation in the territorial planning system in Ecuador
  Lorena Vivanco, Alfredo Ordoñez, Natalia Pacurucu, Boris Orellana-Alvear, Ecuador


Perception and design of traditional village public landscape based on place attachment - A case study of Futian Town, Jiangxi Province, China
  Wei Huang, Shizhu Lu, Yuqing Guo, China


Status quo and strategies of prefabricated buildings in the context of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking
  Zeyu He, China

SESSION 102 User Interface and Accessibility I UUE AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Co-Chairs:  Marcel Racs and Daniel Carruth, Germany/USA
Design recommendations for an adaptive control system in agricultural tractors based on expert knowledge
  Marcel Racs, Andreas Kaufmann, Björn Hülle, Thomas Maier, Germany

Wed July 27
Evidence for effect of aesthetic on interpretation of visualizations by engineers and non-engineers
  Julie Baca, Daniel Carruth, Michael Stephens, Christopher Lewis, USA

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Usability study on the user interface design of mobile payment applications
  Yihung Hsu, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan


Graphic icon and information presentation types of hover feedback designs on the user interface of shopping websites
  Weimin Zhai, Chien-Hsiung Chen, Taiwan


The influence of color on web page complexity and color recommendation
   Wang Xiaoxiong, Wang Haiyan, Wu Jinchun, China


So much information, so little screen space: Assessing the usability of hierarchical data visualizations in Tableau
  R. Jordan Hinson, Amelia Kinsella, Ruth E. Propper, USA


Assessing experiences and visual perception in train station environments with a mobile application and eye tracking
  Andrea Schneider, Beat Vollenwyder, Eva Krueger, Switzerland


Interactive effectiveness evaluation of intelligent helmet based on multimodal fusion
  Jian Peng, Xuepeng Wang, Junchun Chen, China


SESSION 103 Human Functions in Organizational Systems SYSI AHFE 13: Madison 1

Co-Chairs: Mohammed-Aminu Sanda and Erika Mamley Osae, Ghana
Students quality assessment of the interactivenesses of virtual teaching and learning platforms
  Mohammed Aminu Sanda, Ghana

Wed July 27
A functional support system in a bustling 24/7 economy: Perspectives on slum dwellers in Ashaiman, Ghana
  Erika Mamley Osae, John Victor Mensah, David Wellington Essaw, Rufai Kilu, Ghana

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
The dysfunctional systems of creative entrepreneurship in Ghana
  Rufai Kilu, Mohammed-Aminu Sanda, Lilian Ama Afun, Ghana


Beyond fashion consumption: Mapping the functional systems of the psychologists in socio-environmental issues of the fashion industry
  Lilian Ama Afun, Ghana


Application of the “resource-based theory of the firm” and its relevance in the creative industries: A developing country perspective
  Reginald Arthur, Olivia Anku-tsede, Mohammed-Aminu Sanda, Eleonora Belfiore, Ghana


The systemic transitioning strategy of re-orienting “head-pottering” task from an objectively “bad” job to a subjectively “good” job
  Majoreen Osafroadu Amankwah, Ghana


SESSION 104 Human-Related Social- and Technostress and Wearable Intelligence HFBMS AHFE 14: Madison 2

Co-Chairs: Kimmo Vänni and Kakeru Kitayama, Finland/Japan
Comparison between technostress instruments among education and health care sectors
  Kimmo Vanni, Antti Syvanen, Jarmo Viteli, Finland

Wed July 27
Micro-refresh to restore intellectual concentration decline during office work: An attempt at quantitative effect evaluation
  Kakeru Kitayama, Orchida Dianita, Kimi Ueda, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Fumiaki Obayashi, Japan

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Development of social workers stress tolerance in the process of their professional activity
  Oksana Kravchenko, Marina Mishchenko, Olena Soroka, Anna Levenets, Valentyna Korolchuk, Serhii Myronets, Svitlana Tsymbal, Iryna Vahotska, Natalia Hotsuliak, Ukraine


An analysis of the effect of integrated thermal control on cognitive task performance using  time-series changes in intellectual concentration
  Kimi Ueda, Kohei Yumura, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Fumiaki Obayashi, Japan


Social support in a self-organizing project team
  Carita Salminen, Anju Marjamaa, Vesa Salminen, Finland


Ethical guidelines for human-centered design activities
  Jun Iio, Atsushi Hasegawa, Shigeyoshi Iizuka, Seiji Hayakawa, Hiroshi Tsujioka, Japan


Design challenges and principles of Hustar footwear exoskeleton
  Kimmo Vanni, Satu Jumisko Pyykko, Xuequn Zhang, Yeye Xu, Shiqiang Zhu, Finland 


SESSION 105 Analysis of Learning Strategies and Learning Performance TELS AHFE 15: Madison 3

Co-Chairs: Amna Javed and Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Japan/Ecuador

Assessing the emotional state in teachers and university administrative staff when returning to presential work
  Jorge Guadalupe-Lanas, Hugo Arias-Flores, Doris Pérez Vega, Ecuador

Wed July 27
Learning strategies and satisfaction of university services from the student perspective
  Cesar Guevara, Ruth Narciza Zambrano Pintado, Hugo Luis Moncayo Cueva, Ecuador

10:00-11:30 (EDT)
Insight for team facilitation to implement psychological safety in online distributed learning
  Amna Javed, Youji Kohda, Japan


Army crew training: Coaching with Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)
  Vlad Zotov, Canada


Blended learning approach to youth entrepreneurship skills development
  Rūta Čiutienė, Ramunė Čiarnienė, Lithuania


Ethical Considerations for the application of virtual reality in education and training
  Hasan Mahbub Tusher, Salman Nazir, Steven Mallam, Norway


Project-based learning method applied in college English teaching: Case study of an instructional design
  Jian Liu, China


Wednesday, July 27, 2022    

12:00-13:30 Technical Sessions    

SESSION 106 Human Factors in Software and Systems Engineering II HFSSE AHFE 1: Chelsea

Co-Chairs:  Stefan Pickl and Kristin Strelein, Germany/USA
Eye gaze tracking insights into software engineering
  Kristin Streilein, USA

Wed July 27
Development of a smart database for construction inventory management using deep learning to eliminate supply chain bottlenecks post COVID-19
  Unmesa Ray, Abdulaziz Banawi, USA

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Architectural approaches to overcome challenges in the development of data-intensive systems
  Aleksandar Dimov, Simeon Emanuilov, Boyan Bontchev, Yavor Dankov, Tasos Papapostolu, Bulgaria


Fuzzy choice – the Facebook facade of the triple parliamentary election campaign 2021 in Bulgaria
  Neli Velinova, Lora Metanova, Mariyan Tomov, Lilia Raycheva, Bulgaria


Integrating human survival factors in optimizing the routing of flying ad-hoc networks in search and rescue tasks
  Salama Mostafa, Azizul Azhar Ramli, Mohammed Ahmed Jubair, Saraswathy Shamini, Aida Mustapha, Mustafa Hamid Hassan, , Malaysia


Football matches outcomes prediction based on gradient boosting algorithms and football rating system
  Muhammad Nazim Razali, Aida Mustapha, Salama A Mostafa Alabdullah, Saraswathy Shamini Gunasekaran, Malaysia


Human factors and strategic decision making: The case of humanitarian logistics
  Gonzalo Barbeito, Marina Alonso Villota, Dieter Budde, Benni Thiebes, Stefan Pickl, Germany


Digital environments to enable high-quality education for disadvantaged and disabled learners in Bulgaria
  Vladislava Lendzhova, Boris Manov, Valentina Milenkova, Dilyana Keranova, Bulgaria


SESSION 107 Trust in Autonomous Dogfight Using Modeling and Simulation HFSIM AHFE 2: Union Square

Co-Chairs: Lauren Reinerman-Jones and Ryan Wohleber, USA
Toward trust HMIS and automatic trust calibration
  Glenn Taylor, Ryan Wohleber, Daniel Barber, Lauren Reinerman-Jones, USA

Wed July 27
Informing a multidimensional objective model to predict real-time human-machine trust using subjective and behavioral data
  Gianna Avdic McIntire, Katharine Woodruff, Peggy Wu, Brett Israelsen, USA

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Validating a multi-dimensional model to predict real time human machine trust using physiological, behavioral, and flight state data
  Peggy Wu, Brett Israelsen, Andrew Radlbeck, Gianna Avdic Mcintire, Katharine Woodruff, USA


A quantitative examination of a naturalistic human-AI trust paradigm
  Ryan Wohleber, Lauren Reinerman-Jones, Daniel Barber, USA


The importance of calibrated trust in autonomy
  Lauren Reinerman-Jones, Daniel Javorsek, Mike Van Lent, Ryan Wohleber, USA


SESSION 108 Advanced Production Management and Process Control I APMPC AHFE 3: Sugar Hill

Co-Chairs:  Beata Mrugalska and Marcel Usai, Poland/Germany
Immobilized inventory reduction model in a Peruvian MIPYME in the garment trade sector using stochastic programming and AHP multicriteria analysis
  Carlos Raymundo, Peru

Wed July 27
Development of a guideline for the sensor layout plan
  Tanja Steinbach, Benjamin Roehm, Reiner Anderl, Germany

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Multimodal human systems exploration with tangible XR for the internet of production: An expert survey
  Michael Preutenborbeck, Marcel Usai, Nicolas D. Herzberger, Frank Flemisch, Germany


A domain-independent model for KPI-based process management
  Benedict Wohlers, Jan Strüwer, Felix Schreckenberg, Felix Barczewicz, Stefan Dziwok, Germany


Continuous improvement as a competitive strategy within organizational quality processes
   Paola Silva-Tobar, Wladimir Chacón-Paredes, Cesar Guevara, Ecuador/Venezuela


The influence of ergonomics as a quality parameter on the evaluation of manual assembly processes
  Filip Rybnikár, Michal Šimon, Pavel Vránek, Ilona Kačerová, Czech Republic


Project planning: A determinant of project delivery with respect to time and cost
  Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Clinton Aigbavboa, Matthew Ikuabe, Peter Adekunle, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Shola Oiatunji, South Africa


Construction project planning techniques: Awareness, usage and suitability
  Opeoluwa Akinradewo, Clinton Aigbavboa, Tunde Ogunbayo, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Ornella Tanga, South Africa


SESSION 109 Design and Empathy I HDCS AHFE 4: Sutton Place

Co-Chairs: Fernando Moreira da Silva and Rita Almendra, Portugal
The central role of empathy in service design
  Rita Almendra, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Portugal

Wed July 27
Emotion: A vital component in design decision making
  Fernando Moreira da Silva, Rita Almendra, Portugal

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Sustainable design approaches towards green higher education campus
  Maria João Delgado, Isabel Duarte de Almeida, Gianni Montagna, Portugal


Biomateriality bridging design and the community
  Gabriela Forman, Michele Santos, Pedro Ferreira, Andrea Bandoni, Portugal


Facilitating materials learning into design education through visual representations
  Aline Teixeira Souza Silva, Fernando Moreira da Silva, Brazil


Enveloping a day - persona visual mapping
  Jose Silva, Rita Almendra, Tiago Marques, Daniel Raposo, João Neves, Portugal


SESSION 110 Creating Value in Teams, Organizations, Communities, and Societies II HSSE AHFE 5: Murray Hill

Co-Chairs: Youji Kohda and Yasunobu Ito, Japan
Acquisition and sharing of knowledge and skills of visiting nurses in Japan
  Kagari Otani, Yasunobu Ito, Japan

Wed July 27   The production process of films from a relational perspective: A case study of independent films about Parkinson's disease in Japan
  Shun Coney, Yasunobu Ito, Japan

12:00-13:30 (EDT)   Impact of the COVID -19 pandemic on electricity load demand in Thailand
  Su Wutyi Hnin, Amna Javed, Chawalit Jeenanunta, Jessada Karnjana, Youji Kohda, Japan

    Value creation through third-party certification: Case study of phase-free certification for certifying disaster prevention
  Aki Shimbo, Amna Javed, Hideomi Gokon, Youji Kohda, Japan

    Differences in processes and outcomes between starting from in-house industrial designers and starting from R&D engineers in design-driven innovation
  Yoshito Kubo, Osamu Sato, Japan


SESSION 111 Culture and Innovation CIE AHFE 6: Bowery

Co-Chairs:  Ding Dianfan and Matthias Hillner, China/UK
Towards a democratisation of innovation
  Matthias Hillner, UK

Wed July 27
Emotion deep dive for designers: Seven propositions that operationalize emotions in design innovation
  Pieter Desmet, Haian Xue, Xin Xin, Wei Liu, Netherlands/China

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Barriers affecting incremental innovation in design-led SMEs in China's Greater Bay Area
Xiuxiu Wu, Kin Wai Michael Siu, Joern Buehring, China


Democratic management succession in Balkan family businesses: Appointment of family and nonfamily members in leadership roles
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Denis Ukperaj, Hannu Vanharanta, UK


Understanding situationality using the Kepner-Tregoe Method in the company democracy model to increase employee engagement and knowledge contribution
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Jens Refflinghaus, Marven Roell, Hannu Vanharanta, UK


Metaverstic innovation management: The world innovation stock exchange democratic incubator
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Ines Selma Kirane, Hannu Vanharanta, UK/Finland


An ESG aligned global gender equity model for creating equitable corporate and government organisations
  Evangelos Markopoulos, Marlena Schmitz, Baiba Ziga, UK


Exploring the underlying entrepreneurial competencies essential for the competitive advantage of indigenous contractors in the global south: A Ghana study
  Matthew Kwaw Somiah, Clinton Aigbavboa, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Ghana


SESSION 112 Ergonomics in Design:  Techniques and Applications ED AHFE 7: Bryant Park

Co-Chairs:  Myriam Frejus and Jae Sun Yi, France/South Korea
Making human-AI interactions sustainable: 7 key questions for an ergonomics perspective on artificial intelligence
  Myriam Frejus, Dounia Lahoual, Marion Gras-gentiletti, France

Wed July 27
Brand Design strategy for public administration. An experimentation on Lazio Region’s employment centers in Italy
  Laura Ricci, Carlotta Belluzzi Mus, Carlo Martino, Alessio Caccamo, Sabrina Lucibello, Silvia Cosentino, Vincenzo Maselli, Lorena Trebbi, Eugenia Maria Canepone, Davide Fornari, Italy

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Integrated design of electrical equipment bay layout for civil aircraft based on ergonomics
  Ruina Tian, China


Calculation of color visual beauty in the foreground of text coverage on the interface of rehabilitation robot
  Shu Yuyu, China


Bespoke and repetitive: Converging technologies in the design of custom products
  Zerong Yang, Jason Germany, USA


Creation of a matrix of choice of clamping tools using CAPTIV
  Bronislaw Kapitaniak, France


Development of a weight management service that considers individual physical characteristics and psychological factors
  Jae Sun Yi, Suah Cho, South Korea


SESSION 113 DHM and Postural Performance DHMAO AHFE 8: Columbus Circle

Co-Chairs:  Sofia Scataglini and Sudhakar Rajulu, Belgium/USA
Changes of foot dimensions with elevated heel heights: A pilot study
  Ao Zhu, Yu-chi Lee, China

Wed July 27
Contact pressure as an indicator of postural stability in digital human models
  Aijaz Siddiqui, Dibakar Sen, India

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Precision of marker-based finger tracking for broad biomechanical studies using 6DOF targets
  André Kaiser, Norman Hofmann, Heike Hermsdorf, Germany


Application of brain-computer interface for disabled people on human factors engineering
  Siying Long, Jing Yang, China


Shoulder postures in EVA training in reduced gravity analogues
  Kaitlyn Guhl, Linh Vu, K. Han Kim, Sudhakar Rajulu, USA


Functional anthropometric differences of the lower body for aging women based on body shape and size
  Linsey Griffin, Elisheva Savvateev, Emily Seifert, Minji Yu, USA


SESSION 114 Interface Design ED AHFE 9: Flatiron

Co-Chairs:  Yuan Fang and Haoran Shao, China
Evaluation of camera APP interface element layout based on interface aesthetics model
  Yuan Fang, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China

Wed July 27
Evaluation of foreign E-commerce web interface element layout based on moon-spencer model
  Haoran Shao, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
The style correlation between color palette generated by the K-means and original picture
  Zhihao Zhang, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China


Trend analysis of the layout design of the smartphone's rear screen based on aesthetics
  Chang Gao, Zhisheng Zhang, Zhijie Xia, China


Evaluation of AI generation interface element layout based on aesthetics model
  Jincheng Hu, Wenyu Wu, Zhijie Xia, China


Layout of emotional elements and functional modules in web design based on aesthetic indicators
  Ziwei He, Wenyu Wu, Zhijie Xia, Chengqi Xue, China


Evaluation of interface interaction efficiency of industrial design education based on virtual reality
  Yining Xing, Wenyu Wu, Zhijie Xia, Chengqi Xue, China


MORINHUUR music visualization device design
  Yunyan Zhao, Lisi You, Wenguang Li, China


SESSION 115 Trust in Vehicle Automation RR AHFE 10: Gramercy
    Chair: Katie Parnell, UK
Building trust with self-driving: Associations between driver’s situation awareness and preferences for behaviors of conditionally automated vehicles
  Hyowon Lee, Ning Jiang, Siby Samuel, Canada

Wed July 27
A theoretical framework for trust in automation considering its relationship to technology acceptance and its influencing factors
  Pia Sophie Charlotte Dautzenberg, Gudrun Mechthild Irmgard Voß, Germany

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Understanding drivers' trust after software malfunctions and cyber intrusions of digital displays in an automated car
  William Payre, Jaume Perellomarch, Giedre Sabaliauskaite, Hesamaldin Jadidbonab, Siraj Shaikh, Hoang Nguyen, Stewart Birrell, UK


The interplay of personality traits with drivers’ gap acceptance
  Ann-Christin Hensch, Matthias Beggiato, Sarah Mandl, Anja Strobel, Josef F. Krems, Germany


Assessing drivers’ trust in automated driving systems:  An integrated study
  Yu Zhang, Chongbin Li, Jing Huang, Yaling Zeng, Liu Yang, China


Behavioral adaptation in conditionally automated vehicles
  Orel Yarkoni, Avinoam Borowsky,Yisrael Parmet, Israel


SESSION 116 Ergonomics Design and Emotion ED AHFE 11: Madison Square

Chair:  Fernando Moreira da Silva and Paula Trigueiros, Portugal
Care systems for people with Parkinson's disease and their interaction with clothing: Case study in Portugal
  Leticia Marteli, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, Fernando Moreira da silva, Paula Trigueiros, Fabio Barbieri, Brazil

Wed July 27
Freedom, equality, identity: The right to design
  Paula Trigueiros, Portugal

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
In-car sound design under the framework of emotional design
  Yufei Liu, Danhua Zhao, China


The rewards of user experience feedback on developing costumes that last, a swimsuit example
  Michele Santos, Portugal


Accessible digital game on the un sustainable development goals in Brazil
  Regina Heidrich, Sheisa Amaral Da Cunha Bittencourt, Rita Almendra, Brazil


Creativity and emotion in design
  Ana Moreira da Silva, Portugal

UrbanCroma: Chromatic methodology applied to Oeiras Municipality, Portugal
  Fernando Moreira da Silva, Margarida Gamito, Portugal

SESSION 117 Virtual Environments and Ergonomics PEHF AHFE 12: Turtle Bay

Co-Chairs: Praveen Maghelal and Cesar Corrales, UAE/Peru
Integrating ergonomics, biomechanics, and driving behavior in  a virtual environment: Developing a transactional framework
  Praveen Maghelal, UAE

Wed July 27   Introduction of distractions in immersive virtual reality laparoscopic surgery training – A pilot study
  Xintong Wu, Meng Li, Tianren Luo, Shuping Xiong, China

12:00-13:30 (EDT)   Memory effect of Tik Tok animal popular science short video
  Jiayin Zhang, China

    Understanding the impact of induced stress on team coordination strategy in multi-user environments
  Lokesh Singh, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Obaid Malik, Jediah Clark, UK

    Impact of remote work on ergonomic risk in Peruvian companies during COVID-19
  Wilmer Atoche, Jorge Wam, Akio Murakami, Percy Mesias, Peru


SESSION 118 Driver Performance, Behaviour, and Physiology II RR AHFE 13: Madison 1

Co-Chairs: Ishbir Singh and Nikita Rajendra Sharma, Canada/Germany
Driver intention identification based on vehicle driving state and driving behavior interaction
  Zehong Wei, Lan Zhao, Yuanyuan Ren, Ran Yang, Xuelian Zheng, Zhimao Hu, China

Wed July 27
Attention and action preparation during lane change maneuvers: The role of irrelevant information
  Nikita Rajendra Sharma, Jai Prakash Kushvah, Gerhard Rinkenauer, Germany

12:00-13:30 (EDT)
Different feedback strategies: Evaluation of active vehicle motions in a multi-level system
  Pia Wald, Niklas Henreich, Martin Albert, Johannes Ossig, Klaus Bengler, Germany


Measurement and analysis of vibration transmissibility through tractor seat
  Amandeep Singh, Siby Samuel, Ishbir Singh, Jagmeet Singh, Yash Kumar Dhabi, Chander Prakash, Canada/India/USA